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  1. As some of you know, my main focus is on Imperial Eks and I have been

    fortunate enough to find some rare and unusual examples  but my favorite piece

    in my collection is my s98/05 sawtooth bayo.  It was given to me on my 16th birthday

    by a dear family friend who's husband brought it home on his return from ww1.   It's not

    rare or special in any way except for it's sentimental value to me.



  2. The textured finish to the reverse of the cross and on the mousetrap look odd

    to me.  It's almost like they have been sand blasted but that might very well just

    be an effect of the lighting in the photo.  


    As for the details of the cross itself,  everything looks spot on. Also, I would

    trust Eric's opinion on these as I think he has handled mor KMST crosses that anyone

    I can think of. 

  3. I remember a few discussions about these reinforcing plates and always

    with the same conclusions.  Some say repair, some say original.  I always believed

    them to be repairs but through the years I've changed my mind on that. 


    Like you guys, I have saved a few images of crosses (1100 so far) to make my own datebase

    of known maker examples and of coarse, no regards to who's images they are so please don't

    be alarmed if someday you come across a thread where I might reference one of your crosses.

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