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  1. Can anybody identify this medal. I purchased it as a resistance related medal from Belgium. Is it a recognised org medal or something else. Robert Maher
  2. Can any member provide me with a description for this badge. All I know that it is from Latvia and is for a Partisan Brigade Badge from the 1920's Robert Maher
  3. I am a serious Resistance / Partisan Awards collector and student of the subject. I am in the process of creating a Web Site and would like to see an exchange of information. I have a number of awards that were awarded to individuals who participated in a number of groups in more than one country. for example the Medal awarded to poles who were active in France. I have just obtained a group awarded to a named Frenchman who also appeared to be active in the Czech resistance as evidenced by his award of the Order of the White Lion. I also have a group awarded to a leader of a partisan group in Greece which included the Yugoslavian Order of St. Andrew. So my question is: What other awards, badges that were awarded for Resistance/Partisan activities in more than one country. Robert Maher My
  4. This is the medal for the Organisation "Athos" which was involved in pure intelligence gathering for transmission to London I have a number of similar medals e.g. Group "D" . I would be keen to obtain an example of this medal. my email address is maher@archaeologist.com Robert Maher
  5. I am trying to locate an example of this medal [Franco-Laotian Resistance medal] I there anybody who can assist. I am creating a web site of Resistance and Partisan awards and need the medal to complete both the site and my collection.
  6. Many Many thanks to all who responded. Many appol for delay but have been in the middle of Australia for the last couple of weeks. Once again thanks and have an uncomplicated day Aussie
  7. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-7312-125495290589.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-7312-125495293844.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-7312-125495296309.jpg Success success. I give many many thanks for the advice / assistance. Now I will have an uncomplicated day and so my you. Aussie
  8. Attempted to attach images but received this error message “Error you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file”. However here is a description of the three medals. 1 – The war medal WWII 1944-45 supposedly issued by the Czech gov in exile. It is a bronze medal suspended from a red ribbon it is a Hollow Laurel wreath bisected by a sword with the tip protruding from the bottom. A rampart lion is on the base of the Laurel wreath. 2 – The SLO medal is bronze suspended from a metal bar with the Slogan “SLO’ the medal has a Woman on the left with a slung weapon on the right shoulder. A “Farmer?” is in the medal with both hands holding a rifle horizontal across his body, to his left is another male figure holding a rifle vertical at the top is a Czech flag. 3 – Roh medal suspended from a red ribbon with twin vertical white stripes the suspension is a shell/fan. The medal depicts the Word (?) ROH on a banner which is central overlaying rays. The center is surrounded by the words “ZA PRACI PRO ROZVO(.) ROH” Many apps for all the drama. Thanks again and have an uncomplicated day Aussie
  9. Thanks. Can anybody tell a person [me] with 0 [zero] computer ability how to insert an image on a post. Have an uncomplicated day Aussie
  10. Tjhanks, Will try and work out how to p put the images up. Have an uncomp[licated day Aussie
  11. Can any body give me information on the following three Czech medals. 1 War Medal 1943-44 issued by the Czech govt in England[?] 2 SIO Medal 3 ROH Medal Would like to know if anyof these were awarded to Partisans or members of the vrs resistance orgainsations. Thanks and have an uncomplicated day Aussie
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