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  1. Hi, I purchased this HMS cap tally recently, but I have some doubts if it's a WWII era item. My doubts are based in fact I observed a use of some kind of sinthetic material when I did a burn test at a ribbon black thread. Another doubt I have is about the use of this kind of woven pattern at WWII era british tallies: And my question is: There's a safe way to distinguish WWII era H.M.S. cap tallies from modern ones from pictures? Regards, Ricardo
  2. 9 - Army Cyclist Corps 10 - South Staffordshire Regiment 11 - RAMC 12 - RAMC 13 - RAOC 14 - Army Catering Corps Thanks in advance, Regards, Ricardo
  3. I purchased these badges in London some times ago and I'd like to know if they are correct WWII periode badges please: 1 - RAF Badge 2 - RAOC 3 - Tyneside Irish 4 - R.E.M.E. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 5 - Royal Pioneer Corps 6 - 8th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment PWO 7 - Carnavonshire Volunteer Regiment 8 - RASC
  4. Hi Mike, Cap is not with me, I'll ask seller about it. For this pictures, seems to me something like plastic. Regards, Ricardo
  5. Please, I'd like to have some opinions about these HMS Eskimo cap and tally. Is it from WWII periode? Regards, Ricardo
  6. Hi, A purchased recently this EK2 Godet with a 3 folded ribbon. I no doubts about medal because it's identical to other Godet I have. But it's the 1st time I see in hands this 3 folded Austrian/Saxon style ribbon and some opinons about it will be apreciated. Ribbon passed OK at UV and burn tests, but seems to me there is a ribbon eyelet missing. Regards, Ricardo
  7. Hi, I have this Singer's Association Medal and someone told me it was issued for a singer's contest at Dorlar-Meschede in 1936. I'm not sure if it has it's original ribbon, seems to it was made from a synthetic material as nylon. Has someone more informations about it? Thanks and regards, Ricardo
  8. Hi Ralph, Great informations about Gates career, thank you again. Regards, Ricardo
  9. Hi Ralph, Many thanks for your reply. Please where can I research something more about Gates RAOC career?
  10. Hi, Many Thanks you two for the reply and very good news. Regards, Ricardo.
  11. Hi, A friend ofer me this medal with a R.A.O.C. tab, but I'm not sure if the name at medal rim is from a ex-R.A.O.C. member. Please, is it possible from this images to confirm it? Is it possible to know too if this medal was issued at WW2 periode? Regards, Ricardo
  12. Thank you very much Nick. I found a very interesting page about this and another japanese badges, based in your information: http://www.imperialjapanmedalsandbadges.com/seafarer.html Regards, Ricardo
  13. Hi, I purchased recently this medal below and seller told me it's a IJN Veteran League Medal. I never had see one like this before. Please, can someone confirm to me if seller's information is correct? Is this medal from WWII periode? And can someone tranlate to me what means the kanji characters at reverse? Thank you very much. Regards, Ricardo
  14. Hi, It's a very interesting topic I find here now. Please, can someone identify to me this marking at my Croix du Combattant? Seems to me letters inside are "M et R". Thanks and Regards, Ricardo
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