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  1. thank you for the information...my dad bought this rifle in Canton Texas(first monday flea market) and he said he paid $50-$60(i believe thats a good price) for it and a box of 20 rounds and he fired 18 rounds and we still have the last 2 rounds im going to try to buy(well get my dad to buy)a box of rounds for so next time we go to the gun range we can fire it.Its lightweight to me(im 13)and it would seem preaty easy to fire.The only problem is that 7.7 rounds are hard to come buy around here.And all the serial #'s match. Keenan
  2. Yes it does have the dust cover.I have been told the same thing about the sight i would think it would be for trying to shoot low flying planes or to line up with a target. Thanks for the replys Keenan Wise
  3. Well as the tiitle says here is my Japennese arisaka.Used in WWII.It has been refinished and the flower has been removed but every thing else is origional.The serial # is low i think it is 7301 i may be wrong. Enjoy Keenan
  4. Hello I have made the dummy.The M1 ammo belt is WWIIsame for every thing exept the helmet its VN but i need a example so i substituited.The M1 bayonet is dated 1943,the Canteen is 1944 with a OD3 carier,the e-tool is 1945 same for the cover,suspenders are 1944,F/A kit is 1945 and the mussette bag that isnt in the pics is dated 1942,The M43 is my great grandpas i used with my dads permission,gas mask bag is not dated. Enjoy Keenan
  5. From what yall said earlier in this post to me it sounded like the POW campo that used to be were Le Ternou University is now. Is that posiblly the one your are talking about?
  6. It is WWII they didnt make any after the war
  7. Im not that good with British Millitaria but to me it looks like a WWI American Ordanence Corp cap badge.
  8. All the Marine ranks after WWII have the crossed rifles but if it did not have the rifles I could not tell you because before WWII i\they did not have the rifles and some of the army had the same style of ranks.
  9. Ok the only Us patches i see are the ranks he tan ones with the rifles are marine ranks and the one with the Blue star in the middle surrounded by white with a red border is a ASF witch means Aemy Services Forcesd and that patch is very common. the ranks are all post WWII
  10. Ok lets refrase this does ent one own eny own ent US patches/insignia
  11. Hello im from Texas and i collect US patched uniforms and patches

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