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    I am a collector of the Bavarian MMJO and MVM/TKM. I collect groups, individual awards, documents, cases, antique ribbons, miniatures, and recipient photographs. I am always interested in new items for my collection.

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  1. Hello Laurentius, The Prinzregent Luitpold Medal is a "Spangenstück" and not an officially commissioned/awarded piece. Best regards,
  2. Servus Walter, Congratulations on owning this fantastic 1866 combatant's Silver MVM large medal bar and miniature medal bar. I see that he survived until at least 1911. Do you know who he was? Best regards,
  3. Hello, Congratulations regarding this fantastic miniature grouping. The chain and the gold orders appear to be made of 750 gold. I concur with Wild Card (who is an expert regarding these matters) that the 7th award from the left is probably from the Emirate of Bukhara. The Bukhari-yi Sharif Medal for Military Service is very similar in shape and style: Goldberg Auctions Sometimes seldom encountered awards were made by jewelers from pattern books and a bit of "artistic license" was utilized. Therefore, we may never be 100% certain what this award miniature was made to represent. Best regards,

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    Hello, Bavarian Military Max Joseph Order items are wanted for a private collection. Orders, documents, miniatures, ribbons, medal bars, field ribbon bars, and recipient photographs are sought. Please send me a message if you might have something of interest. Thank you,


  5. Hello Nicolas, Thank you for sharing this very nice field ribbon bar. To me, it looks like the second ribbon is possibly for the Bavarian Bravery Medal. If so, he was probably an NCO during the First World War. But some NCO's received temporary field grade promotions to Leutnant as the Bavarian Army needed Officers toward the end of the war. There is no way to be certain however. Congratulations on owning this item. Best regards,
  6. Hello Alex, Here is a link to the site where the image originated: https://www.omsa.org/the-bavarian-campaign-cross-for-1849/ Best regards,
  7. Hello, Welcome. Please note that in my opinion "to track the possible recipient" will not necessarily prove the originality of a bar. Other factors are more important regarding this. Also, it is possible that a forger could make a group from a Ranklist listing for any recipient chosen. And, not all original groups are necessarily "textbook". Some recipients left some awards off of their bars or changed the precedence based upon their own preference. Good luck with possibly acquiring the group. Best regards,
  8. Hello again, Is it perhaps this auction? https://coins-la-galerie-numismatique.com/ There are indeed some very nice items listed there. Best regards,
  9. Hello, If I am not mistaken, this grouping was for sale on Ebay recently. And, if I recall correctly, the seller mentioned that the missing pieces had been "replaced". But, my memory may not serve me correctly. It is obvious to me that the group did belong to the NCO in the first photo. At some point however the awards at the 2nd and 3rd positions on the group were removed. The pieces in the 2nd and 3rd positions now may never have been awarded to the NCO in the photo who was the owner of the group. Regardless of the two pieces in question, it is a very nice group with an interesting history. Congratulations on acquiring it. Best regards,
  10. Hello, I very much enjoyed socializing with Tim throughout the years. He often had some wonderful items for sale. And, he attended shows right up to the end and continued doing what he enjoyed. I miss him, as do many others. I am a bit confused though by your mention of an auction catalogue. Which auction in particular are you referring to? Best regards,
  11. Hello ArHo, Thank you for sharing this fantastic photo. It shows the details of the corduroy uniform material very nicely. Most photographs do not have enough focus/resolution to show these details. Best regards,
  12. Hello again Chris, Although not very impressive visually, this is piece from my collection is rather scarce too. I would like to find more, but they do not come up very often. Best regards,
  13. Hello Chris, Congratulations! This is my favorite regiment and the only one that I collect shoulder boards/epaulettes of. As you know, this variation was only used for a short period of time, and the Feldgrau (subdued) version is seldom seen. I know that these were not inexpensive (I had my eye on them for awhile too). I am glad that they went to a good home! Best regards,
  14. Hello Peter, I can't really comment on originality based upon what I presently see. However, it looks like there may be a line around the center of the edge. This is usually indicative of a piece being a galvano or possibly a cast copy. Could you provide better photos of the edge? Thank you,
  15. Hello Nicolas, Thank you for sharing these very nice ribbon bars. The first two ribbons (EKII and SA3bX) on the upper field ribbon bar appear to be from the woven-together type ribbon stock for buttonhole wear. An interesting combination. Best regards,
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