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    I am a collector of the Bavarian MMJO and MVM/TKM. I collect groups, individual awards, documents, cases, antique ribbons, miniatures, and recipient photographs. I am always interested in new items for my collection.

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  1. Hello Chris, Here is an old article about the helmet: https://www.freundeskreis-armeemuseum.de/publikationen/ View "Kaskett 2" at the bottom and then "Ein Helm mit Geschichte" by Walter Seibold. MfG,
  2. Hello Chris, Thank you for this harrowing and well-written story of combat. I can't help but think of the sad end of Lt. d. Res. Zeiglwalner a.d. After all that he survived, to end up drowned in a canal. HIs family must have been devastated. I am glad that you were able to obtain these items and document the history of this Officer. Best regards,
  3. Hello Chris, Thank you for pointing out this wonderful tunic. If I remember correctly, Ritter von Scherf's large medal bar with his MMJO RK was on display at the Bavarian Army Museum. Good luck with your "big buy". I can't wait to see what you are getting if this is what you are passing up. Best regards,
  4. A super article Chris! Thank you for all of your years of research, and your patience in obtaining these rare items. This area of collecting is not covered anywhere else. Well done.
  5. Hello Chris, This is in Ingolstadt perhaps? The fellow was not too slim, so K. P. Rupprecht is out. It could have belonged to Ludwig III or K. P. Leopold, but I can't narrow it down further. Now stop with this silliness and show us Leibregiment uniform photos! :-) Best regards,
  6. Hello Ravs and welcome, You pose an interesting question. To clarify things a bit, the Bavarian Military Merit Crosses were awarded to NCO's and enlisted men. They were not awarded to Officers. The Bavarian Military Merit Cross awards were based on rank. There are a good many members here who know the answer regarding the rank-based award guidelines better than I do, so I will let them answer regarding the specifics. Best regards,
  7. Hello Chris, The MMJO RK Träger on the left looks like Karl Ritter von Fasbender to me. Best regards,
  8. Hello again Rav, Thank you for sharing the scans of the photo with us. I cannot tell what is on his epaulettes, so no help there. I too think that he is a Württemberger. It also stands to reason that the second ribbon would represent a Württemberg bravery medal. I also agree that the third place ribbon looks like a Bavarian MVK ribbon with a swords device. The last ribbon could be for a Württemberg long service award. It is difficult to be certain. Congratulations regarding having this nice photo in your collection (I am a bit partial to collecting photos myself). Best reg
  9. Hello Rav, There are many possibilities regarding the awards represented by the field ribbon bar. To start however, although I am not a uniform expert, due to the buttons having "crowns", I believe that this NCO is not a Bavarian. It is a WWI-era uniform. The first position on the field ribbon bar certainly has the EKII ribbon. There is definitely not a Hindenburg Cross/Honor Cross ribbon here. Please scan the entire front and reverse of the photo and share it here. There may be more clues available (such as headgear, an address on the back, name/address of photographer, etc.).
  10. Hello Chris, Unfortunately, I am not up-to-date regarding the valuation of 1939-1945 pieces, but I had to comment on how awful it is that your friend was defrauded by criminals (unscrupulous sellers). Sadly, there are many stories such as this. Greed, fraud, deceit, theft, all come into play when dealing with criminals. And, some of these bad folks seem especially attracted to the militaria collecting business. I hate to see this happen to a collector! Best regards,
  11. Hello Waldo, Thank you for providing the link to this cast forgery. The quality of this forgery is good. For years, many collectors were deceived by these finely-cast pieces. I hope that members here study it, so that they avoid this type of counterfeit. It should also be noted that this isn't the only medal forgery like this. Many other types of medal forgeries have been made like this. They are sometimes still described as "original" pieces. Best regards,
  12. Hello, There are two (2) types of ribbons for this award. The one that you show is correct (for merit for medical officers, medical NCO's, and enlisted medical personnel), as is a red ribbon with silver (metallic) side-stripes [for other merit related to nursing during the 1914-1918 war]. Your piece appears to be the type made of "copper-bronze". The bright state of the alloy may be due to the piece having been cleaned by someone recently. It is difficult to be certain from the photo provided. Best regards,
  13. Hello Chuck, The enamel looks fine on your MVO 4th with Crown and Swords by Weiss u. Co. Each maker (Weiss, Leser, Gebruder Hemmerle, etc) had their own blue enamel shade. Your enamel is of the correct shade and is translucent which is correct. In my experience, the Gebruder Hemmerle pieces usually have the lightest shade of blue which is therefore more translucent and it is easier to see the "herringbone" pattern underneath. The Weiss pieces have a shade darker than the G.H. pieces, and the Jakob Leser pieces have the darkest shade. Best regards,
  14. Hello Vince, The medal with the green ribbon is a Brazilian medal for the 1852 campaign in Uruguay (during the Platine War). This is a very nice and unusual group! Best regards,
  15. Hello Peter, I agree with Andreas. This field ribbon bar most-likely belonged to an NCO (who could have been promoted to a field-grade Leutnant in WWI) who was a MVM/TKM recipient. There is therefore no way to identify who the recipient of these awards was. There is nothing to necessarily indicate that this belonged to a MMJO recipient. I believe that you can eliminate this having belonged to Ritter von Thoma or Ritter von Weber. Congratulations regarding having this nice "soft-style" sew-on field ribbon bar for your collection! Best regards,
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