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  1. silver bars for bravery medal (on bravery medals aren´t swords allowed)
  2. Hello, attached a good one of this typ of my collection, sorry , the badge is current on the bank safe deposit box and so I can´t make more/other pictures. regards daniel
  3. Hello, I need help for this decoration, I found the description with red order of the labor,but no further information about the time of awarding? Maybe some of you have further information of this decoration. regards daniel
  4. thanks for the informations, I will give this group away, what would be a real price? regards daniel
  5. Hello, what do you think about this group of medals, I believe the aeronautic medal is rare? regards daniel
  6. Hello Gordon, thank you for this detailed answer. do you collect hungary items? regards daniel
  7. in the beginning of this year I get this assembling of a hungary man, what do you think? bulk good or rare one? regards daniel
  8. Hello, thanks for your posts, but all dutch orders what I have found in the inet have between the cross arms some reliefs or signs or leafes and then they have no space in the case?! paul what court they have delivered? the dutch court? regards daniel
  9. Hello, is this case for a netherland order? http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/62299-case-for-what/ regards daniel
  10. Hello, what do you think about this collar bagdes, serbia? do anyone collect this parts? regards daniel
  11. Hello, I have this case without the order, a collection friend believe it is for a britain order? Could this be correct? regards daniel
  12. are this also copy swords? http://www.emedals.com/collectors-gallery/europe/turkey/orders/order-of-medjidie-with-swords-commanders-eu4797
  13. hello, thank you for your opinion, hmm all the other parts (austria decoration, italy and more) of the group is original, and it comes from private. I will make more picture of the sword. regards daniel
  14. no one? I believe the mejidje 3 class with swords are be rare?
  15. Hello, I get a group of an austrian officer, he got five ottoman empire decoration, two are missing (gallipoli star and order of the ottoman empire third class with swords?) attached pictures of the three other orders: regards daniel
  16. I have also seen this crosses at ebay, and I have no good feeling if I look at the whole finish, it is strange that all crosses from the seller looks the same unbeautiful colour of the basis cross. I don´t like the crosses. regards daniel
  17. hello, what your opinios about this cross? regards daniel
  18. I agree with sashaw, in ww1 the kuk nco have received only the little kriegerverdienstmed. On the beginning of the war some of the first kuk soldiers received with the golden bravery medal also a iron cross second class from the german, but after a order of the war ministery all the iron cross were changed to kriegerverdienstmed.
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