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  1. Hi Buj Most of the time there are other people who have the same name. Could you give more information for those ppl looking out for Leon. For example a date of birth, where were they from in Poland....parents names and your Dads Christian name or any other siblings. Cheers! Hela
  2. Hi cwaver I have a black and white photo of my Dad in the same uniform. He also had one photo professionally coloured like yours, but he always said that the photographer didn't get the colours correct and was dissapointed every time he looked at the photograph. This uniform was my father's army uniform from 1938 when he was doing his army service (national service) as a 19yrs old. At that time he was at NCO officers school in LWOW before war broke out, serving with the 6th Lwow Armoured Battalion. His uniform was a greenish colour from memory of the coloured photo and his collar flashes were dark brown/orange. Unfortunately I can't see what else was on his uniform (badges etc) because the photo has a fancy haze boarder surrounding him. What region of Poland did your Dad come from? Regards Hela
  3. Cwaver If I were you and you really don't need "money" for the album, you could think about donating the album to the Polish War Museum or the Sikorski Museum where the album would be treasured by people like myself. also adding history to the Museums Polish collection and of course leave your Father's mark at the Museum forever. I know if my children don't show interest in my Father's medals,f amily history or whatever, that's what I'll be doing. I would hate to think if I passed them onto family (greedy family at that) and they showed no interest in them, then sold them for monetary reasons or throw them in the rubbish bin. I would be HORRIFIED! Sometimes people like yourself sell these precious family memorabilia thinking they are going to someone who really love them, but then they go to dealers who onsell them for money only and so the cycle starts. Where do they eventually end up? This is only my opinion of course. Hope you get to upload some of this album, I'd love to see a little of it's contents.
  4. I was reading your post and although, I'm a little late in responding and you may have found the relevant departments to obtain your Grandad's Polish Army service records, thought I'd give you the address where I have obtained my Father's service records. ( Two Lots ) One from MOD stating his services with the British and the other service Records are from his actual Polish Army service records all written by regiment officers..... POLISH SOLDIERS WHO SERVED IN BRITISH UNITS IN WW II The British Government records of Poles who served under British Command during WW II can be obtained from both address I've written below. You will be required to prove a family relationship to the individual that you are researching. If your Grandmother is still alive she can obtain all Grandad's army service records FREE of charge, if she's not, then you will have to pay for these records. In your Grandad's records it tells you which MEDALS he received. From this address below, I received my Father's Army Records (ALL IN POLISH ) Siberia to England........tells me everything, conduct, postings, divisions, sickness, injuries, hospitalised etc, etc. Attention Mrs. B. Kroll. Polish Correspondence Section Room 28B RAF Northolt West end Road Ruislip Middlesex HA4 6NG ENGLAND. Email: polishasstdisoff@northolt.raf.mod.uk Email: polishdisoff@northolt.raf.mod.uk The address below *** NB. this address could have changed*** I received records about Father's service in the Polish 2nd Corps under British 8th Command......conduct, which battles he fought, what medals he received. The Ministry of Defense Army Records Center, POLISH SECTION Bourne Avenue Hayes Middlesex, England UA3 1RF *** Inquiries about British Medals lost or never received granted to Polish Soldiers serving in British units are made at MOD office*** Hope this HELPS!! Cheers Hela!
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