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  1. Hello, Gentleman's. Need your opinion on this belt buckle. Thank You. Front.
  2. Nice and original. :cheers:
  3. Yes, that Cross what you show is original. Do you see any maker marks on him? :cheers:
  4. Ribbon original or nice repo. But not from Soviet Order of Glory or from Medal of Victory. Clusp not russian made and I don't know from what country.
  5. for me look like original. But for sure I ask for better pictures.
  6. What maker marks you try to find on this type of cross?
  7. what number 735 ? 0 ?... mail me good photo please to serg92@juno.com
  8. size: West-East- 73mm. South-North-with ring- 113mm. Only Cross. Looking for Star and Sash. :cheers:
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