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  1. I think ribbons 4, 5 & 6 are: Romanian Order of the Star, second type on war ribbon Romanian Order of Queen Marie (swords?) Romanian Order of Sanitary Merit The medic type ribbons (5 & 6) are not awarded on the "war ribbon". Is it possible these were awarded pre-war? Or maybe these were the "best match" the tailor had at the time. A very nice ribbon bar. Best wishes Matt
  2. Dear Chris, I believe those awarded on the black/white ribbon had swords, whereas those awarded on the red/white ribbon, did not. Best wishes Matt
  3. Alan Two fantastic ribbon bars. Here is a photo of one of them in wear! Best wishes Matt
  4. I believe this impressive grouping belonged to Rudolf Ritter von Xylander, not Oskar. Best wishes Matt
  5. Dear Jens, I will certainly keep an eye out for it. Has it been lost in transit for long? Best wishes Matt
  6. Beautiful medal bar Komtur! And a "no devices" plain ribbon bar. What a lovely set! Best wishes Matt
  7. I came across this photo on the internet and thought folks here would be interested. I managed to make a larger image of his wonderful medal bar. Fregattenkapitän Karl Boy-Ed 14.09.1872 – 14.09.1930 He was naval attaché to the USA before WW1. He was expelled from the US in 1915 amid allegations of espionage and sabotage of munitions industries in the then-neutral US. Some more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Boy-Ed He received further decorations for his service during WW1, including the Red Eagle Order, 3rd class with swords & bow. Boy-Ed retired as Kapitän zur See 28.08.1919. He died, on his 58th birthday, following a horse riding accident. Best wishes Matt
  8. This ribbon bar is fantastic Lew. In particular I like the devices. Best wishes Matt
  9. Webr55 & Rick, It seems Haase served right up to March 1945. Perhaps this would help confirm the KVK2, for this role as Inspektions-Ingenieur? Matt
  10. Glad to have been of service good sir! In which year/edition of the Navy ranklist are Haase's KuK awards listed? Best wishes Matt
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