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  1. I think ribbons 4, 5 & 6 are: Romanian Order of the Star, second type on war ribbon Romanian Order of Queen Marie (swords?) Romanian Order of Sanitary Merit The medic type ribbons (5 & 6) are not awarded on the "war ribbon". Is it possible these were awarded pre-war? Or maybe these were the "best match" the tailor had at the time. A very nice ribbon bar. Best wishes Matt
  2. Dear Chris, I believe those awarded on the black/white ribbon had swords, whereas those awarded on the red/white ribbon, did not. Best wishes Matt
  3. Alan Two fantastic ribbon bars. Here is a photo of one of them in wear! Best wishes Matt
  4. I believe this impressive grouping belonged to Rudolf Ritter von Xylander, not Oskar. Best wishes Matt
  5. Dear Jens, I will certainly keep an eye out for it. Has it been lost in transit for long? Best wishes Matt
  6. Beautiful medal bar Komtur! And a "no devices" plain ribbon bar. What a lovely set! Best wishes Matt
  7. I came across this photo on the internet and thought folks here would be interested. I managed to make a larger image of his wonderful medal bar. Fregattenkapitän Karl Boy-Ed 14.09.1872 – 14.09.1930 He was naval attaché to the USA before WW1. He was expelled from the US in 1915 amid allegations of espionage and sabotage of munitions industries in the then-neutral US. Some more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Boy-Ed He received further decorations for his service during WW1, including the Red Eagle Order, 3rd class with swords & bow. Boy-Ed retired as Kapitän zur See 28.08.1919. He died, on his 58th birthday, following a horse riding accident. Best wishes Matt
  8. This ribbon bar is fantastic Lew. In particular I like the devices. Best wishes Matt
  9. Webr55 & Rick, It seems Haase served right up to March 1945. Perhaps this would help confirm the KVK2, for this role as Inspektions-Ingenieur? Matt
  10. Glad to have been of service good sir! In which year/edition of the Navy ranklist are Haase's KuK awards listed? Best wishes Matt
  11. Adding to the story...I believe these were sold at the same time as this bar. Swords on the Brunswick ribbon- perhaps in lieu of the Bewährungsabzeichen? Matt
  12. Hi Rick, I too immediately thought Navy. Unfortunately it's not mine, I just had saved the photos and there was not one of the back. Best wishes Matt
  13. I have just come across this old thread and the combination of awards shown in these ribbon bars looked familiar to me. I have no idea who owned this medal bar but it is NOT the Generaladmiral's, given that there are Turkish awards present, but the combination of German awards is identical and I thought I would post it here to give an idea of what Albrecht's medal bar may look like! Best wishes Matt
  14. This piece of ribbon is most likely the Prussian Red Eagle Order. A very nice bow. It will be hard to determine what the green ribbon is for. Best wishes Matt
  15. A beautiful medal bar Poulton and now you have a name to go with it! Impressive work as always Rick!! Best wishes Matt
  16. Hi Scott Nice combination of awards. Can you show a photo of the reverse? Best wishes Matt
  17. This may explain why it is separate from the medal bar? I.e. the officer grade decoration was removed and then replaced with the medal.
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