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  1. Interesting belt. Vets may wear them how they want.
  2. First one looks like shoulder strap badge of Defence Command Finland. J.
  3. Hi Here is site for The Finnish peacekeeping badges and insignia museum http://www.peacekeep...fi/merkkit1.htm Take GALLERY and there are about 3 000 picture and more is coming... Regards J
  4. Hi Here is a direct google translation: particularly given the great merits of a national sports activities for the work done (subject to union activities at the managerial level or the central organization) And link to finnish lex collection: http://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/alkup/2003/20030366 allso one finnish sport club: http://www.tulsavo.fi/liikuntakulttuuri_anomisohjeet.php and http://www.tulsavo.fi/ansiomerkit.php I hope these and google translator give you some information. About prices: I dont know, it is allways how mutch the buyer want to pay. These gold crosses are n
  5. Hello It looks like Finnish War Veteran's Union Medal of Merit. But it isn't. June 1994 those estonian war veterans, who were fighting in Finland (Finnish War Veran's Unions sub organisation) had a jubilee meeting. About 1000 Estonian veterans attended in the jubilee meeting and they had opportunity to buy a medal. There is also 15 silvered medals, witch was given as a thanks/gift those finnish people who were helped meeting arragements. One was given former Finlands minister of defence, Mrs Elisabeth Rehn. Who had a speech in the meeting. The state of Finland pays eston
  6. Thank you Christed! Great collection and information. And here are some observations... picture no 31 Civil defence medal 2nd class 1935-1940 for Winter War merits made from copper picture no 39 The document of mrs Marjatta Anna-Liisa Hyyryläinen Medal of Liberty 1st class with red cross decoration (5253 was awarded, CONGRATULAITONS, documens are rarer than medals) and a rough guess, maybe she was working in the military hospital? picture no 50 Oakleaf in the ribbon is upside down. Well sometimes the veterans wear their medals in the funny way... Thanks again
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