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  1. III class order dimensions height with crown 80mm width 40mm while IV and V class have dimensions height 60mm and width 30mm
  2. Hi Bryan, Attached is a pdf file with Yugoslav order of precedence. I have provided all orders in English, Cyrillic and Latin script for reference. YUGOSLAVI ORDER OF PRECEDENCE.pdf
  3. I think that the screws are new. As I remember this model was produced by IKOM and had screws from pre WWII production of Kingdom of Yugoslavia badges, made by Knaus Zagreb. Look at the link http://www.shopbulgaria.com/products/6182/yugoslavia-order-of-labour-1st-class-rare-1st-emission.html and tell me what you think.
  4. Greetings Radmilo, Here is the table of rank decree for military orders and medals from 1939. For Obrenovich period I'll need extra time to dig it out from my computer and library. Rank decree for Military orders and medals (1939) Rank decree for Military orders and medals (1939) 1 Star of Karageorge with Swards 1st Class 2 Star of Karageorge 1st Class 3 Star of Karageorge with Swards 2nd Class 4 Star of Karageorge 2nd Class 5 Order of White Eagle with Swards 1st Class 6 Order of White Eagle 1st Class 7 Star of Karageorge with Sward
  5. It is probably Russian or Ukrainian. Definitely not Masonic and Greek. It is Orthodox but from Russia or Ukraine. Regards, Srdjanoz
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