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  1. Thank you for posting. I have book, described in earlier post, of the battle for Monte Casino. I also have my fathers British military records detailing where he was since his release from the Soviets. Maybe I can also be of help to you. Anything you have will be appreciated.

  2. hello cwaver, my grandfather was also at monte casino and i too have medals etc of his that i hold dearly! Do you require any more information about the battle or where the polis 2 korps were during the war if so let me know

  3. Well tony, you are being funny, you see i posted it in the wrong forum. Obviously .
  4. My father came from Wasaw. He was in the cavalry before being captured trying to enter Lithuania. I believe he is 18 or 19 in this photo.
  5. This was my father before the war. Can anyone identify it please?
  6. Thanks Greg, This album, A history of Monte Cassino, belonged to my father who passed away 25 years ago. As I am getting older, I feel his memory should be kept alive somewhere. I still have a lot of his military papers and medals.
  7. Thank you Greg, I'm afraid you are right about this stuff sitting in a museum. I sent you 8 photos to choose from. My father was tank commander after being released from the russians. He never talked much about his time in the war. I'd like to learn more about him.
  8. I cannot seem to upload any pics. I have a Mac. I would like to donate album, officers holster, tank goggles and medals to a place where they will be appreciated.
  9. Hi Greg, This is a professionaly made album. I tried to upload a picture, but , could not. I will be happy to send you pics by private email. As for selling, I'm not sure. It cantains a picture of my dad
  10. Gentleman, I have an album commemorating, I believe, the Battle of Monte Cassino. My father was there. I believe in armour. I do not speak Polish. I do not know what to do with this album , as I am getting older, and I don't believe it will be as cherished by my child. I am looking for suggestions. Thank You P.S. I can't seem to upload a picture. The inside 1st page: Zolnierz Z Montecassino Album fotografij z terunu i okresu bitwy
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