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  1. Please could members kindly advise me if this is a real or fake French SS volunteer arm shield. thanks steve
  2. ..thanks !! ..picture of the single sided posted on new thread many thanks kyokashinkai
  3. 3/Pour Le Merite (Blue Max), excellent quality single sided bronze gilt light blue enamel, reverse engraved ...real or fake ??
  4. 2/Pour Le Merite (Blue Max), superb early post war quality silver, suspension stamped W ( Wagner) ......real or fake ????
  5. ...wondered if this are legit pre 1939 pieces... i could cope with an interwar private purchase,dont and cant justify $25000 on a wartime one ... but do not want post 1945 "ebay" type junk !! opinions or advise please . thanks kyokashinkai. 1/ Pour Le Merite (Blue Max) with crown, superb early post war quality silver gilt, loop suspension stamped J.G 938 (Godet)
  6. Just spotted this on Ebay , is it the real deal or a run of the mill fake as usual ???? cheers Steve EBAY 140073735544 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1
  7. i have boxed azad hind medal , would like to post but cant upload pics , if anyone could post then i would be very greatful best wishes steve
  8. Medal has been returned !! and full refund given thank you for everyones input kind regards and thanks to all Casp
  9. Hello, I have been looking for a pilots version for while now spotted a pilots example on Weitz site. Please can the experts out thir confirm that its spot on as i really dont wish to waste big money on a dodgy example. thanks Casp
  10. Recently purchased this cross which was described as For sale here is a German (Prussian) Iron Cross with iron core and made in the correct three part construction. side features the oak leaves and monogram of Friedrich Wilhelm (FW) and the date 1813. The other side is plain blackened iron. The ring is stamped IW which I assume to be the Berlin maker ?Wagner?. The dimensions are as follows: Width across arms : 42.2 mm Weight excluding ribbon : 12.0 grammes General condition : the German silver frame is tarnished with age. There is some rusting to the core. There are several dents and
  11. Hello. i would be very greatful if members could advise me on thir valued opinions on this 1813 Iron cross. thanks Casp
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