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  1. Michael...Please view my post in Forum Germany: TR uniforms...etc War Room photo Cheers, Gus
  2. This is an older photo. The mannequins now block a frontal shot... Can post close-ups on request...
  3. Hello Paul, thank you for your comments...Plastic cover is loose, prohibits dust, but does not hold in moisture...will post pic of what's behind it soon... Gus
  4. Glad you like...I am very lucky to acquire this one...
  5. Thanks Michael...have posted in the TR forum under the title "My war room"...Will post pic of what's behind the plastic after I get home and have access to my photos...Cheers Gus BTW...You have an outstanding collection yourself!
  6. My first post in this forum...The boys and I thank you for having us...
  7. My first post in this forum...The boys and I thank you for having us...
  8. Hello Michael, You are correct...I am a fan of postwar German militaria, but my first passion is WW2 German. Browsing my saved websites when I realized I have not visited here in a while...Landed on this page. Like para, Volksmarine, Warsaw pact, and of course Bundeswehr. Dagger is Hungarian Air Force dagger purchased for me by parents on a European trip. Sadly it is a repro...My name is Gus... Cheers,
  9. Thank you Michael R...space is at a premium...A few more pics for review. First visor needs EM chinstrap... Schutzenshnurr placement has been corrected...
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