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  1. Hello Rick, Hope all has been well with you. Thanks for replying here & confirming what I already knew. I too still have a print out with the photo & description from your original sales post, I can be a bit anal about keeping records! On a side note, I also just let go the 9 banger you have pictured above this one in your post with the Herzoglich Sachsen-Ernestinischer Hausorden & the Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross w/"Vor Dem Feinde" clasp. Now that I think about it, it seems like quite a few of the ribbon bars in my collection came via your sales on the WAF. Those we
  2. Yes he has Matt, as a matter of fact he was was the one who informed my of this thread. Regards, Chris
  3. Hello all, This was my bar which I was disappointed to just have to let go. I purchased it a few years ago from Rick Versailles, and to best of my knowledge (and his) it's OK. I beleive he is a member on this forum & I would love to here his input. Regards, Chris
  4. I definitely lean to this little bugger being messed with one way or the other, either with the wrong device or a complete ribbon replacement. Thanks again Rick.
  5. Thanks Rick, nice to know I'm not losing my mind. Here's what the whole thing looks like. The late war swords on the Hindenberg & missing FS Device had me wondering if maybe this bar was stripped & then had these 2 added later, but there are no device fasteners sticking through the backing. What do you think?
  6. Hello All! Just trying to determine what award this is on this ribbon bar. Is it a Friedrichs-Orden??? If so I can't recall seeing one with a crown & sword device before..... or maybe my memory is just failing me again. Any thoughts, please let me know.
  7. Very nice collection & I have to agree with Paul, I love this type of Cased Blockade Set!!
  8. Last for now are these 3. The 1914-18 Non Combatant & West Wall mini aren't as rare, but are uncommon none the less. The one in the middle on the other hand is, the RAD LS device.
  9. Here are some more equally rare Medal minis. 2 different Polizei 8 YR minis, 8 year SS mini device, 1936 Olymipcs medal mini, & 2 FLower War minis (Austria & Czech)....
  10. Now, only because Bob shared some of his rarer TR devices, I feel obliged to do the same. Here are my 5 Customs devices. If these babies are rare, then the first one is the rarest! A cut out variety w/LDO makers mark on the back. I can't recall though if it's L/11 or L/18. The one next to this is a 3/4 size example, the 3 on the bottom are the standard type, but each with subtle differences....
  11. The next 2 are Wreaths, on Austrian awards, with slight variations to all. The first one has an enameled green wreath on the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown (probably my favorite bar too!)...
  12. Now here's something I really enjoy, devices & mini's! Great idea Bob!! I've got quite a few, but here are the highlights, grouped together for easier viewing. I'm not naming all the awards they're on, as I'm sure most of you know 'em already. If I have a little more time later I'll see if I can't round up some sword devices, which I left out as a whole here. (There's just so damn many of the little buggers! ) First, here are a few Crown & Sword Devices, EK devices & a couple of button hole devices as well as a couple swords & "VOR DEM FEINDE" bar....
  13. Thanks Paul. Technically I believe Frack bars (which are full size) were for Tuxedo & Formal wear. I would think this was just for simple lapel wear on your everyday suit. I'm sure one of the Ricks or someone can shed a little more light on the subject though, maybe even provide a photo of one of these little gems in wear! (hint hint )
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