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  1. Marcel Araptanov-contract soldier, sniper from the 17th motorized rifle brigade of the southern military district of Chechnya Shali. Served in the Russian armed forces for 13 years. According to some sources, Marcel also fought in Georgia in 2008. Was killed in the East of Ukraine on August 12, buried (without head and without honors) August 22 village Novolikeevo Kuyurgazinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  2. Without citation The second Chechen war/ Military unit 21005 - 74-th separate guards motor rifle brigade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/74th_Guards_Motor_Rifle_Brigade
  3. State award for military distinction
  4. To Dear husband Volodia from Angelina. Happy birthday 25.05.89.
  5. Andrey, thanks for support. I could result enough arguments, if I spoke English is better.
  6. Thanks, but seems to me, that this book is now more actual.
  7. Here still a photo of a sign ? 61252. I wish to find true in this question. The award is not similar on presented samples, even "hand" of the master, who are cut out number differs!
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