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  1. Found this from an exhibition held a few years ago , but the translation doesn't make much sense, also some of the text on the board is missing.
  2. Any information about rank insignia of the Mongolian people's army 1921-24?
  3. What was the collar / lapel insignia badge and branch of service colour for the Albanian royal border guard (roje kufitare mbretere)1929-39 and 1943-44 ? Formed in 1929, part of the Italian finance guard from 1939, reformed in 1943 , lasting till 1944.
  4. Found on facebook, rank insignia for the Albanian army 1943-44.
  5. Did the Bulgarian national police wear the dark blue police uniform or army uniform with police hat when deployed in Serbia and Macedonia.1941-44 ? Photo has all 3 in army uniform, 2 with police caps , all with police cap badges. Could be from a police unit or police leading the anti partisan / kontracete groups.
  6. Anyone come across information of the uniforms / armbands worn or photos of volunteer Russian and Ukrainian police in Italian service 1942-43 ?
  7. General Pervezi after his defection to the British SOE mission.
  8. Good photos, i knew this unit existed but had no idea of the uniform worn.
  9. Seeing the earlier reply about the police and the two photos reminded me of these images of the 105th anniversary of the creation of the Albanian police a few years ago. Always wondered what the grey uniform was. Must be an officer with the black collar and red cuff / collar piping ,which i assume must be the colour of the collar patches.
  10. Looking at one of the photos of the ceremonial parade , i can just make out 2 bars on the shoulder strap (figure on the left ) which is the pre 1939 Albanian insignia for a sergeant of 2 gold bars at the base of the strap. It's very likely that the pre 1939 Albanian collar patch colours with green for infantry would be used.
  11. Thanks for that extra information Zaim, do you know if there was a pre war uniformed police/ constabulary or something created during the Italian occupation ? The only organisation i was aware of that did policing in Albania was the gendarmerie. Perhaps the situation in Albania was similar to the Yugoslav kingdom with a police force created in the 1920s and operating in towns and cities. (Illustration and photos of the gendarmerie ).
  12. The second photo is interesting, it shows 2 Albanian gendarmes in Italian uniforms and i assume the red collar patches worn by the gendarmerie pre 1939. They also seem to have the double headed eagle cap and collar badges rather than the skanderbeg helmet badge. The pre war gendarmerie uniform was greenish-drab- khaki, stand collar with ref collar patches and peaked cap.
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