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  1. What colour was the uniform and collar patches worn by the Chinese police and Italian officers of the Italian police in the area or concession of Tientsin in China 1920s-30s ? The officers seem to have grey-green, the Chinese police a lighter khaki.
  2. During late 1943 to November 1944 Albania was technically neutral but its small army did fight the partisans. Italian uniforms,equipment and helmets worn plus pre 1939 Albanian rank insignia. Branch of service collar patch colours ? Pre 1939 Albanian colours used ? Green for infantry?
  3. Thankyou Bayern and Zaim for replying and sharing your information and photos. Just looking at the wiki entry for the Republic of Korce and it mentions that the French raised some police, locally armed volunteers in addition to the gendarmerie. Looking at the photos, the text of the 3rd one says they are gendarmerie, and I would say the 1st photo shows gendarmes. 2nd photo, as the uniformed men only have pistols, perhaps they are the police.The armed men behind all have a type of side cap with piping/braid around the sides, i think these may be the armed volunteers. Last photo, i can see part of an nco arm stripe, perhaps a French nco attached to the police or gendarmerie.
  4. Thanks for replying Bayern, never seen any text that mentioned the auxiliaries raised by the Italians, can i ask where your information came from ? Did contact Ukrainian military author who is on the www.milua.org military forum and he says there wasn't any auxiliaries raised.
  5. Any information or photos of Soviet/Ukrainian auxiliary police/ carabinieri raised by the Italians 1941-43 ?
  6. Any information or photos of the Ukrainian/ Russian auxiliary police , (auxiliary carabinieri ? )Polizia Ausiliaria raised by the Italians in Ukraine / USSR 1941-43 ?
  7. Any photos of the Gendarmerie mobile Albanaise 1916-18 which was raised by the French ( with French officers) in the 'Republic of Korce' ?
  8. Any photos of the Gendarmerie mobile Albanaise 1916-18, which was raised by the French in the 'Republic of Korce' , SE Albania ? According to Gregor Marchal a French author who has an interest in the French presence in Albania, the GMA had khaki uniforms.
  9. Just want to check if the WW2 defence medal and war medal are displayed, should the King's head be at the front ?
  10. Are there any coloured photos or illustrations of the dark green uniforms worn by the Serbian state guard and Serbian frontier guard 1942-45 ?
  11. Hello Bayern, thanks for replying, seen the photo you mention , very useful.
  12. The Branko Bogdanovic book "Two centuries of police in Serbia" mentioned the gendarmerie were due to get an updated uniform and insignia by 1941, but it was only partially done. Anyone know what the 1938/39 insignia/ uniform were to be used ? Army style collar patches replacing the narrow pointed patches, removal of piping on cuffs/ trousers? Soft crowned officers style caps for all ranks.
  13. Hello, would the eagle and wreath police arm badge be issued in 1943-44 to the police volunteer battalions/ regiments ,comprised of ethnic Germans from Banat ,Yugoslavia ? Or no police arm badges ? They were given full German citizenship in May 1943. Polizei freiwilligen regiment 1-3 Serbien , formed May 1944 , 3 regiments. Polizei freiwilligen regiment Kroatian , formed in November 1943, Polizei freiwilligen battailon Montenegro , formed June 1944.
  14. Hello, does anyone have a copy or access to the Russian militaria magazine "Old Zeughaus" issue 72 , April 2016 ? Dave.
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