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  1. Exibition called "Kad oružje utihne" (When the weapons go silent) was held in Historical Museum of Serbia (Belgrade) until 31st of march. The exhibition was divided into two parts, exibition of weapons made in workshops and exibition of factory made weapons. I will in this topic mainly post pictures of factory made weapons.

    I would like to start with the M1861 cavalry saber that belonged to King Alexander Obrenovic. It was a gift of Karl Grasser, an Austrian weapon supplier.

  2. Thank´s for the information. It looks like the navy officer shoulder boards is from a lower grade officer if I´m right. Aviation and Navy is my weak sides. I´m a ground guy :).

    You're welcome. :) Yes, they are definitely for lower grade officers, my congrats on them, haven't seen many of those before. :cheers:

    Ground forces are much more interesting to me too. Just like in that Wehrmacht propaganda poster: "Infanterie Konigin aller Waffen!" :)

  3. I´m collecting pairs not one of each because if I need them for an uniform in the future I don´t need to chase another one. Here´s another piece. A pair of navy parade officer shoulder boards. Not sure with kind of officer it´s, maybe somebody could give me an answer about that.

    If I'm not mistaking those shoulder boards are for the junior officers of the navy, and you could see which rank they actually were by the lacing on their sleeves.

  4. All pictures that I´m showing is a part of my collection :). These artillery shoulder boards are bought on an auction and the picture is originally taken from the auction. Here´s another generals shoulder boards, it´s brigades general as you said with the infantry colour red on the back. Maybe it´s hard to see the colour.

    Lightfoot you have a beautiful collection, thank you very much for sharing it with us! :) Yes, I can see the red colour, great items, my compliments!

  5. Here´s a Divisions General´s shoulderboards with a parade belt. The colour is light blue on the bottom.

    Thanks for pictures, are all of these items in your possession, including artillery shoulder boards? I've seen those captain's shoulder boards somewhere before, maybe on some other forum...

    Until '24 field marshals, army generals and division generals were using dark blue colour. After '24 they were using light blue colour, while the brigade generals were wearing colours of their branches.

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