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  1. Greetings gentlemen,

    As I am not an expert for decorations of the Imperial Russia could someone please tell me if this cross is real or fake?

    Unfortunately seller uploaded only one picture, but i have asked him to send me couple of more with better details.

    Best regards,


  2. Yes, it looks like that. And on the envelope is a picture of regular type of ribbon, with no stripe in the middle. Do you maybe have this medal with a black stripe on the ribbon?

    I guess that they must be the rarest... What's interesting to me about this particular medal on the pictures above is the way that (most probably) the person who recieved this medal

    took a pin and turned it into a little hook that helps him attach the medal on his chest.

  3. Greetings gentlemen,

    I would like to present you pictures of the WWI commemorative medal for civilinas in a mint condition along with the the original bag.

    This is not my field of intrest so I would like to ask couple of questions. On the internet I have found that near 250 000 of these medals were awarded in total,

    but nowhere have I found how many of these with white stripe on the ribbon were awarded. It that number known?

    Second thing, could someone please tell me what would be today's price of this medal in such a great shape along with the bag. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


  4. Drugo, thanks for so many beautiful pictures and details! The order looks great!

    I have in my collection the Order of the Yugoslav flag with golden wreath (2nd class) unfortunately only the breast star without necklace.

    Strange thing about this order is that the lover the grade is - the rarer it is, so the 5th class is the rearest(!?) Except the 3rd class which

    was awarded somewhere about 1440 times, if I'm not mistaking.

    Colud someone please tell me what's the approximate worth of my class without necklace. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


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