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  1. If I'm right this should be, acording to the Pavle Vasic's book Uniforms of the Serbian army 1808/1918, uniform of the cavlary guard officer from 1859.

    It was consisted of dolama made of green cloth, trousers of red cloth, brown overcoat and cap (kalpak) of black astrakhan with flat top.

    But the illustration in the book is much different from the picture that I have. So I'm wondering whether it is the same uniform.

    Any help or comment is more than welcome.



  2. This cockade belonged to my great-grandfather, i think it was introduced in 1934 after the assassination of King Aleksandar I.

    ПII stands for Петар II (Petar or Peter) the last king of Yugoslavia.

    After the fall of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in '41, my great-grandfather, like the rest of Serbian officers in the army of the

    Kingdom of Yugoslavia, was sent to POW camp in Germany. He spent 4 years in that camp and after the war ended the only

    thing he brought back from captivity was this cockade and the the dog tag he received in camp.

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