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  1. One more very interesting Obrenović era medal bar with Montenegrin decorations.

    1) Miloš IV
    2) Takovo with Swords IV
    3) Legion of Honor V (France)
    4) Franz Joseph V (Austria-Hungary)
    5) St. Alexander V (Bulgaria)
    6) Golden Bravery Medal
    7) Silver Bravery Medal (Montenegro)
    8) St. Andrew's Assembly Medal
    9) Military Virtues Medal
    10) Medal for Zealous Service in War
    11) Royal Guards Commemorative Medal
    12) Commemorative Medal of the 1876-78 Wars
    13) Commemorative Medal of the 1875-78 War (Montenegro)
    14)  Commemorative Medal of the 1885 War

  2. 1 hour ago, Veljko said:

    One more thing Paja, just now came to my mind. If its silver bravery medal than the ribbon has to be in the serbian flag colours, red, blue, white. The ribon of the medal no.7 doesnt looks like that. It looks me lighter , and since this is black and white photo most probably is light blue whith one thin stripe ie could be thin red stripe. If this is the case than it is St Andrew's assembly. what do you think about ribbon?

    I was in the middle of writing my previous reply when you posted this. I'm not sure about the ribbon, Silver Bravery Medal was just a guess.

    29 minutes ago, Veljko said:

    Pls look at this photo, very interesting and similar bar from the same period. Pls take closer look on postions 2,3,4.  It looks me like on postion 2 is takovo cross V, and than most interesting thing is coming, two medals which are the same, I would say on positions 3 and 4 are two golden bravery medals 1877!!! I never saw smthg like this. Very similar bar  also with serbian and montenegrin medals.


    Amazing medal bar! Many thanks for posting it!
    Do you know who's on the photo and when it was made? The uniform is a bit of a puzzle to me, it that a general? 
    I'm not sure based on the photo, but it would be very interesting if those are truly two Golden Bravery Medals, I never saw a double recipient before! Any idea about decorations 5, 6 & 7? Perhaps #6 Serbian Silver Bravery Medal and #7 Montenegrin Silver Bravery Medal.

  3. On 3/7/2018 at 12:39, Veljko said:

    Hi Paja,

    thx a lot for great photo of General Franasovic, i agree with you, this photo is from the period after 1897, on position 7 i think that he is wearing commemorative medal of 40 yrs of St. Andrews assembly.But if its medal od 40 yrs of St Andrews assembly, i think that he would wear also Order of Milos the Great. I think that he was awarded with Order of Milos the Great 2nd class,  but i dont know when he was awarded.

    Great finding,



    You're welcome. If the photo was made between 1895 and 1897 when he was back in the military then it should be St. Andrew's Assembly Medal because it was instituted later. He was awarded with the Miloš on 11. April 1899. 
    The medal in question seems to be round rather than octagonal and its diameter is obviously smaller than the Commemorative Medal of the 1876-78 Wars. Perhaps Silver Bravery Medal?

  4. On 12/17/2017 at 08:18, Veljko said:

    Hi Paja i am chasing to find General Franasovic longer bar than this one on a picture. But i can't, in the meantime did you find some new photo of Gen Franasovic with longer bar?


    Finally, a photo with the longer medal bar! 
    He was back in the military between 1895 and 1897 and based on his uniform I'd say the photo was made post-1896.
    Medal bar consists of the following decorations.
    1. Possibly White Eagle V covered with the sash
    2. Takovo V with Swords
    3. Order of Leopold III (Austria)
    4. Legion of Honor IV (France)
    5. Order for Bravery IV, 2nd grade (Bulgaria) 
    6. Red Cross Order (type 2)
    7. ????
    8. Commemorative Medal of the Serbian-Ottoman Wars 1876-78

    Apart form that I believe he's wearing:
    Takovo I
    White Eagle II
    Order of Christ (Portugal)
    Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus I (Italy) 
    Possibly Order of the Iron Crown I (Austria)
    And one more partially visible star

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