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  1. I've read that a certain number of Czechs and Slovaks joined the First Serbian Volunteer Division. The subject of foreign recipients of Serbian decorations has always been interesting to me, I have photos of around a dozen Czechoslovakian officers and generals wearing them. The person in question should be Bednář František, where did I stumble upon his photo before god only knows. 
    Many Czechoslovakian citizens were also awarded in the interwar period because of the Little Entente and generally good and friendly relations between the states.

  2. Don't mention it, Eric. 
    It took me a few years to collect all those variants, I'm in the process of doing the same for the 2nd class. I just need to find a couple more and then I'll start a separate topic about it.
    I'm pretty sure your order is made out of silver even though it's not hallmarked. When I described that type on the previous page I even wrote: "Some examples were not hallmarked." I don't know why is that the case, perhaps the simply forgot :)

  3. Voycey 72, thank you very much for sharing that story and photos with us! The main reason why I started this topic was to provide some information to the people researching their ancestors, that's why I was very pleased to read your post.

    It looks like the Karađorđe star you presented was made by Arthus-Bertrand. I think Igor's right about the year, looks like 1916 to me as well.

    As you can see from the numbers above it was not that often awarded, less than 300 of them (all classes) were given to the British recipients. It was the highest bravery order a soldier could receive and for that reason the most appreciated one.

  4. On 12/16/2017 at 19:36, Veljko said:

    Very interesting and actual topic Paja. I can add an opinion / gossip that majority of cockades of Kingdom of Serbia and Yugoslavia/SHS are newly produced in Zagreb, that some well known names and even bookwriters  on military topics are involved. I am pretty much sure that you heard this story too. All those newly made cockades are excellently produced so it is allmost imposible to notice the difference between them and the old ones. 

    I also saw same question and discussion on one other serbian militaria forum about this same cockade. I can add that one of the discutants there is a person involved in production  and distribution of those  new ones, as i heard.

    I've heard those rumors as well, sadly they seem to be true. In the beginning I wasn't really suspicious because, as you said, most of them look pretty good. The huge number of various cockades including some extremely rare ones being offered by the same small circle of sellers made me think something's wrong.

    On 12/20/2017 at 19:45, new world said:

    is enamel hard or soft?

    I'll ask the owner and let you know.

  5. It's definitely a copy even though the seller wrote: "Sale item from the pictures, I guarantee that it is genuine."
    Officers who completed the Higher School of Military Academy (Виша школа Војне академије) received the badge and diploma. According to the Law on Military Academy (Закон о устројству Војне Академије) they had to pay some tax, but I doubt its amount had anything to do with the production material so I'm not buying the "poor students" story. 

  6. I've seen only a few orders with those pre-WW2 type of screw nuts, one of our forum members has a piece like that in his collection. 
    Others have so-called "butterfly" screw nuts and there's a certain number of remade ones with needles.
    That piece from shopbulgaria also has 23XX number and it's was the first one I saw with butterfly screw nuts, perhaps someone replaced them.

  7. I forgot to add those to the list, thanks for pointing it out, Drugo.
    They also caught my eye. It's interesting that all of those shinny ones have 23XX number and their quantity on the market certainly raises some suspicions, I've seen at least of them 15 so far. And like you said it's not just the screw nuts, they also have that "shinny" look and couple of other details are different compared to orders with lower numbers.

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