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  1. Hello Tod, The construction (not the design) reminds me of the SA/SS Flieger arm patch worn on the DLV uniform. Lee
  2. Hello All, Does anyone have period photos of the Italian gilder pilot badge being worn that they could post? Thanks, Lee
  3. Just realized I posted in wrong forum. Have reposted in WW2 Axis Forces. Lee
  4. Hello All, Does anyone have period photos of the Italian gilder pilot badge being worn that they could post? Thanks, Lee
  5. Thanks Ferg and Steve for the information. The spokeless wheel is now obvious. So the consensuses is that these are most likely clones/fakes with a possibility of 1920?s-1930?s manufacture. The pin is silvered buntmetall but badge itself I am not sure. Some kind of silver plate or silver sheet?. Thanks again for the help. Lee
  6. Here is the link http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=2807...n+Flying+badges. It is the Pilot badge on the left that looks like similar hinge/pin. It looks similar in size, but not sure?
  7. Hi Claudius. Thanks for the reply. Don?t remember the timing for sure, but I purchased it about 5 or 6 years ago from a member of this forum. There is an old thread of Ferg1, that had a Pollath badge with a similar hinge/pin set-up but it is not on a clich? type. I will try and find it and link to it. Thanks, Lee
  8. Hello All, I was hoping someone could help me with the maker of this badge and if it is an ?issue? (cliche/stamped construction) type badge. The obverse looks like Pollath badges I have seen posted. The pin also looks like some Pollath marked badges, but I have not seen one stamped constructed without a backing plate/piece. The photos are of somewhat poor quality, but is the best my camera and my photography skills can accomplish. The details are actually much crisper. Hopefully the photos are of sufficient quality. Thanks, Lee
  9. Realized I forgot to respond to this, so a sincere belated thanks to David, Michael and FZ1 for the information and links. The info was very helpful in my research of a photo (downed Fairey Battle in what I presume to be France). I did not realize that there were so many squadrons that flew this aircraft. There were like a gazillion RAF squadrons that flew it. Ok maybe not a gazillion, actually about 26 not including Allied units, but I was thinking there would have been just a couple of squadrons. Seems there were a large number of these produced (approx 2200) and deployed, despite them being
  10. Thanks for posting these Ferg. Is the pilot third row on the right a Pollath badge? If so, how long did they manufacture these? I would like to see a rear photo of that badge if you have one. Thanks, Lee
  11. Hello All, Does anyone know of a website(s) that lists/explains the unit/aircraft codes that were on the sides of WWII RAF aircraft? Thanks, Lee
  12. Hi Mike, Not sure what I said to make you think I liked it at all. Quite the contrary. Was just pointing out that it was not a similar badge than the one I originally posted and was wondering if anyone had seen others out there like the one in the link. Lee
  13. It is similar in that the aircraft is cut-out, but other than that it is a different badge (Bavarian two piece). I have not seen anything like it, not to mention all the personalization done to the back and with a PLM. I have serious doubts myself, but would like someone with more experience to comment. Has anyone seen a Carl Poellath made/marked like this? Here is the link: http://www.manions.com/bid/bid.aspx?itemid...mp;pic=20080826 Lee
  14. Yes Ferg1, bottom ?right? is the one I meant. That whole right-left thing becomes a bit more of a challenge, attention wise, with the advancing years. Very similar but appears as the pin/hinge portion may be a little different and the catch is located in a different spot than the one I posted. Do you think it is the same manufacture with just variations in pin/hinge/catch? Thanks jaba1914 and Mike for posting yours. Mike, it looks like yours is the same manufacture as two in Ferg1s first post (top right and bottom left). Thanks Again All, Lee
  15. Hi Ferg1, Is your example the one posted in your first photo (bottom left) or is it another one of your badges? Thanks, Lee
  16. What do you think of this one. It looks somewhat like, or trying to be like, the one on the bottom right of your first post, but with some differences to include the pin. The patina on the rear also looks a little suspect/artificial? I am trying to educate myself on these issue badges, but there is little information and I am trying to build a data base of good ones, bad ones and those that are not really known either way. Thanks, Lee
  17. Hello All, This sold on Ebay recently and was curious about it. The seller generally stated that it was made as a ?post war commercial piece? by ?Roth & Neffe jewelry? of Vienna and he bought it a few years ago as ?old stock?. Here is the link http://cgi.ebay.com:80/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...ME:B:EF:US:1123. I guess post war could mean anywhere from 1919 to 2008. Is this strictly a fantasy piece? I realize jewelers did make replacement pieces well after WWI, and I assume after WWII, but I guess my question is why would a Vienna jeweler make a replacement imperial Prussian badge unless it was
  18. Hi Ferg1 and thanks for the photos and info. You nailed it. That was the characteristic I was thinking about/looking for (die flaw on crown), I just had no idea how to explain it coherently. Is the badge on the right (last photo you posted) the same badge as the one on the lower left of the first photo/post? It shares the same characteristics as the one on the top right with the exception that it does not appear to be made in the same base metal and has the catch lower. I have just tried to post a photo of my badge, but am having problems. I will try later. Thanks Again Lee
  19. Thanks for the photos Ferg. Any thoughts on the base metal for issue badge on the top right (first photo). I would be very interested in a close-up of crown on that one if you have it. I have one that I am fairly certain is the same maker/badge version. Thanks, Lee
  20. Thanks Stogieman. As I said, very little info re these issue badges and am appreciative of your input. Lee
  21. Hello All, Has anyone identified the makers for the ?issue? type of pilot badges? I have read Juncker was one, but are there any others identified? What about the issue type Bavarian pilot badges? I am interested in obtaining a Prussian issue type and have been trying to educate myself on them, but there is so little data on the issue types. Thanks, Lee
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