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  1. Nice photograph of Kommodore/Konteradmiral Erich Bey wearing the Narvikschild
  2. Well done my friend with task completed - it must feel more than nice finally getting a hold on that elusive AS-Mützzenband :-)
  3. Well, I guess I can't hide so much from you but what I've got is what I've got - I'm pretty pleased with my humble collection so far Here's a nice grouping belonging to a crewmember who served on the Zerstörer Wolfgang Zenker. What's interesting with this lot is that he was not only awarded the EK II Klasse for participating in the Battle of Narvik 1940, but he got both the Vorläufiges Besitzzeugnis dated 15.5.1940 as well as the more formal Urkunde which is dated 1.5.1940 (!). The VB was awarded at Hundalen while the more formal Urkunde was awarded in Narvik. Here is the VB EK II Klasse awarded at Hundalen on 15.5.1940. Really nice original handwritten signature of Fregattenkapitän (Fritz) Berger (RK 4.8.1940). And here is the more formal Urkunde EK II Klasse awarded in Narvik on 1.5.1940, and signed by some Oberleutnant. Here's a nice grouping belonging to a guy who served on the Zerstörer Erich Giese. When Zerstörer Erich Giese sank on 13.4.1940 this guy was wounded and thus received the incredibly super-mega-rare-saltier than salties usw usw Besitzzeugnis black wound badge award document. Any KM-related award-documents regarding wounds given as a result of taking part in the Battle of Narvik 1940 is rarer as the infamous hen's teeths... Again a nice original handwritten signature of Fregattenkapitän (Fritz) Berger (RK 4.8.1940). Here's a nice grouping belonging to a guy who served on the Zerstörer Diether von Roeder. Interesting to see that he was awarded the EK II Klasse, and that his more formal Urkunde EK II Klasse was signed by Fregattenkapitän (Hans-Joachim) Gadow (DKiG 10.10.1943). A very nice grouping belonging to a guy who served on the Zerstörer Anton Schmitt. He was also awarded the EK II Klasse, and received both the VB EK II Klasse which was signed by Fregattenkapitän Gadow and dated Narvik 28.6.1940 as well as the more formal Urkunde EK II Klasse which has a facsimile signature by Admiral Boehm and dated Oslo 28.6.1940. Here's one of my centrepieces in my humble collection. A superb complete grouping of awards, documents, 300+ photos, 3 cap tallies (Torpedboot Kondor, Zerstörer Wilhelm Heidkamp and Marinenachrichtenschule), Navy dagger +++ belonging to a man who first served on the Torpedoboot Kondor, then on Zerstörer Wilhelm Heidkamp and participated in the Battle of Narvij 1940 (earning himself the EK II Klasse), then on some S-Boot in the English Channel before he ended up in the Kleinkampfverbände with the rank of Oberleutnant zur See where he earned himself not only the EK I Klasse after participating in blowing up some bridges on the Oder-front in order to stall the Soviet advance but he also was awarded the Bewährungsabzeichen des K. d. K. After the war he was very active in all kinds of veteranorganisations so I've got a lot of paperwork as well from his post-war life. Here's a photo from one of my walls - upper left is a poster showing the heroic last minutes of Zerstörer Georg Thiele as she beaches herself at Sildvik in Rombaksfjorden 13.4.1940, bottom left is a original photo of Zerstörer Georg Thiele and also the Mützenband Zerstörer Georg Thiele. On the bottom right is a poster of Scharnhorst as well as an original Mützenband. Need a break so please feel free to comment and I'll try my best to answer any questions Mvh. AH
  4. The wearing of Edelweiss on their KM-Schiffchen became very popular during the Campaign of Narvik 1940. There are countless of pictures of former Zerstörer-Crewmembers who are wearing the Edelweiss on their Schiffchen (widely known as Gebirgsmarine). After the Battle of Narvik 1940 the wearing of such Edelweiss' were a common practise for all kinds of different units. Here's an example from my own photo-collection showing some crewmembers from the Minensuchboot M-109 - take note of the crewmember on the extreme right: he's wearing a Edelweiss on his Schiffchen. The lack of any awards points to the conclusion that he's wearing the Edelweiss as belonging to the boat itself; and the wearing has nothing to do that he's an former veteran from the Battle of Narvik 1940. The lack of any national emblems on the Tellermütze as shown in the photo belonging to Martin perhaps suggest that this particular crewmember continued to serve in the German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA) after May 1945. Mvh. AH
  5. That fits well into the transferment of the remaining crew of Zerstörer Bernd von Arnim to the area surrounding Björnfjell (railway station and border crossing). By the way it is interesting to see the placements of the different Gebirgsmarine-crews after the sinkings/scuttlings of their individual ships - dominantly alongside the railway line between Narvik Harbour and the border to Sweden. Thus the crew from the Zerstörer Bernd von Arnim held the area close to the Swedish border, then came Wolfgang Zenker, Hans Lüdemann, Georg Thiele, Diether von Roeder/Wilhelm Heidkamp and Anton Schmitt/Erich Giese. Zerstörer Hermann Künne held the northern position in the area of Bjerkvik/Saltvik; and finally the majority from Zerstörer Erich Koellner went into captivity in Ballangen.
  6. As stated earlier there where NO bunkers in Narvik. This is a rather well known photo showing German uboats coming alongside the former Schnellbootbegleitschiff Tanga in 1942. The Tanga was stationed in Narvik from October 1941 until October 1942 and serving as the Stabsschiff for the Admiral Nordmeer. I have a complete Photo-album from a crewmember from the Tanga - with almost 215 photos and several of these are from the homecoming of several German uboats that operated against the Allied Convoy PQ-17. The operations against PQ-17 took place from June 27th until July 10th 1942 so its more than probably that the photos shows the return of the among others U-255 which under the command of Kapitänleutnant Reinhart Reche returned to Narvik July 15th 1942.
  7. Zerstörer Georg Thiele at Sildvik in the middle of Rombakenfjord with its bow off the waterline. HMS Hardy As there were NO Uboat-bunkers in Narvik this must be from somewhere else - if its a picture from Norway it must be from Trondheim or Bergen.
  8. For sure an Norwegian Army rucksack that your wifes grandfather picked up in Narvik during the campaign of 1940. Either he got it when the Norwegian troops were disarmed during the early fighting, or something that were handed out to the German troops after the capture of the Norwegian Military Arsenal at Elvegaardsmoen after its capture early morning April 9th. Its also interesting to see pictures from the homecoming greetings of those Gebirgsmarine-guys fighting at Narvik 1940. Several of them carry such Norwegian Army Rucksacks which indicates that these were used on a rather large scale by the German forces at Narvik 1940.
  9. Outstanding grouping Gordon to a ship very well connected to Narvik 1940 Best regards from Arne Håkon
  10. Thanks Justin for your friendly words - I guess by all accounts that you've really shown that it is possible to have both quantity and quality in your collection Here's another display/frame that I'm much found of - Zerstörer Georg Thiele portrayed by using a war-time large photo and the accompanying pre-war Mützenband. Arne Håkon
  11. Very nice Mützenbands on this thread I guess that several of you gents have seen this before, but any way - here's my Scharnhorst display. Arne Håkon
  12. Great shot Justin, but have you hidden the Erich Giese band Arne Håkon
  13. Closeups of the upper part of this particular Urkunde, and recipients grade and name. Any comments will be greatly appreciated Arne Haakon
  14. Some closeups of stamp, signature, font on EK II Klasse etc..
  15. Hello gentlemen. Saw this Urkunde at Weitze some days ago and took my chance especially since it is signed by Teddy Suhren. The Urkunde matches in many ways the Urkunde which is portrayed in "Torpedo los", but it also varies. Some vital questions - did Suhren command as Führer der Unterseeboote Nordmeer appear on any such documents? And the "formnumber" O.M.S. 244 - was it made with and without printed command-title? So to avoid getting totally paranoid i would be greatful for any comments on this Urkunde. Arne Haakon
  16. Hello Jan Arne. Nice to see such a fine group belonging to a member of these often "forgotten units". Rombak
  17. Nice documents. Always a thrill seeing some Norway-related Kriegsmarine items. Rombak
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