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  1. Hi, It does look like a good but very poorly preserved WWI-era example. Hope you didn't pay too much for it, though! Cheers, Mikael
  2. I can confirm that the Croatian badges are commonly seen fakes, as is the Royal Yugoslavian pilot badge. The Prussian "Juncker" is also a fake. The Bulgarian observer badge could be good, or a "Frankenstein" badge made of genuine parts post war. But, at any rate, that one is the most interesting in this collection. The Spanish pilot wing is good, but likely a 1960s issue wing, very common. Cheers, Mikael
  3. Hi, Actually, it's not a cap badge per se, even though the design is that of a Swedish Army model 1939 officers' cap badge. The cap badge is larger, and in bronze metal (although with the enameled centre piece). The pictured, smallish, badge in gold metal is more of a sweetheart badge, or lapel badge used for civilian wear; i.e., not any official military badge. Cheers, Mikael
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