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    Medals of post 1947 india.Any Airbourne medal groups from around the world amd any MP medal groups from the UK, USA, India or russia.
    I am also into anything to ddo with the somerset light inf. as i was a cadet with them.
  1. Hi all. I have just got a part group of 4 all named to 22 9190 C.B.KADEN which i would say is a sSouth Africa Group.Ther is no Africa Service Medal To this group.The Group has 1,The Italy Star named 2, The 1939-45 Star nammed, 3,The Defence Medal named And 4, The War Medal Named.Any help with info and how to get the service histroy would be great as i dont now how to do this with SA items. Cheers Christopher
  2. I would say it is a Royal House Hold Group maybe a Steward.I seem to rember i have a photo of somone wearing something close to the ribbons on this bar in my Royal staff photos.I will have a look for you if i do. Chris
  3. Hi The big medal with the blue ribbon is a good Past Masters jewel which might be Hallmarked Silver or gold.The White ribbon Jewel is a Royal Arch Jewel and the other two Jewels are Charity Jewels issued each year, Chris.
  4. Hi. Looking at the Jewel i would also say this is not a Masonic Jewel. I would say its an R.O.A.B. Jewel.But i will look in an old lodge guide i have wih a list of all the lodges in to see if it's a Masonic jewel. Chris
  5. Hi Everyone, Are these medals easy to find as they fit into what i collect and they look good.:speechless:
  6. Hi Again. Here is an image of the front of the medal. Chris
  7. This just got to me after a long wait.It is a named Pakistan presidential Police Gallantry Medal. The medal is a phosthumous award To a Pakistan Ranger with the rank of constable who along with other Rangers was killed in action in 1994.I am just at a beginning of my reseach into this medal and the recipient.The medal is named to (LATE) ALTAF ANWAR, C/1194.I will be adding more of the story of this medal when i find anymore info.This is one of my first world police medals which i have started to collect.If anyone can add any info to this it would be great.Sorry there was no ribbon with this me
  8. Hi Hank, Iam not that up on my Scottish Rites badges.But yes i think it is a 30th Degree badges for the Grand Elect Knight Kadesh.I will see if i can find out anything else about it for you. Regards Christopher
  9. Hi, I just got 3 Pakistan Independece medals in the post today and i am not sure of the ranks.Can anybody help me thankyou.The naming on the medals are 1.MUHAMMAD ASHRAF H.C 1885 2.FEROZE KHAN F.C.573 3.1222669 PA NK MOHD ALI KHAN R.P.A.(NK is that nark but i am not sure what P A is)
  10. Hi Everyone , Here is my first go at court mounting with a very nice 1st for me a long service and good conduct medal .I think i have got a long way to go with court mounting .I am useing the same pattern of mounting which is the same as five groups i have which comes from India.
  11. Hi Brian and Everyone, What a nice group thanks for letting us see them Brain .Here is the photo of my Para Group.When looking at this pair they have been mounted i would say on a swing bar.I am going to try my first courting mounting on friday when i get my supplys . Chris
  12. Hi Everyone, This is one a the new groups i have just gor today .It's a pair to the Indian Army Parachute Regiment . 1, Raksha medal to 13602139 ptr Gurnam Singh Para R 2, Sanya Seva with Himalaya clasp to 13602139 ptr Gurnam Singh Para R
  13. Hi Jake, Thanks a lot .This is a great help.I have had a quick look and it is going to be very helpful to me. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi, Thankyou all for your help.I am happy now i know purple hearts were mot named to the wounded.I now think i have the Col. full group . Could any one tell me how i would go about finding out about his Citations for his medals. thanks again Chris
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