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  1. H.M.3. Fix this textGalatea, of which the Royal Duke is captain, is a steam frigate of 26 guns, 8227 tons, and 860 horse-power. Her officers, exclusive of His Royal Highness werp, at the date of the publication of the Navy List for April, as follows :— Commander, Hugh Campbell; Lieutenants, CharleB G. Fane, Geo. R. Keneage, Edward R. Foster, Wallace B. M'Hardy, Francis Romilly; Master, Wm. H. Bradley; Captain Marines, Robert F. Taylor; 1st Lieutenant Marine Ar- tillery, Francis H. Poors; Chaplain aid Naval Instructor, Rev. John Milncr, B.A.; Surgeon, Jas. Young, M.D.; Paymaster, Thomas Bradbridge; Chief Engineer, John Sear; Bub- Lieutenants, Anthony Kingtoole, John S. Hallifax, George R. C. Eyrs»; Supernumerary, Guy Malnwaring; 2nd Master, Sidney Smith; Assistant-surgeon, Wm.IL. Powell; Assistant Paymasters, Wm. H. Symes (acting), Charles E. James, Edmund H. Key. Gents, Have the individual officers shown in this image been identified anywhere? Probably taken in 1868. Prince Alfred clearly sits at centre with the 'scope. I am particularly keen to identify 2nd Master Sidney Smith, who would have been 23 at the time. Thanks, Steven
  2. Can anyone identify the officer shown in the oil painting, or at least his regiment. I am guessing 11th Hussars and one theory is Lord Cardigan, but it doesn't look much like him, at least his later life images? Many thanks, Steven
  3. Gents, Can anyone kindly advise on the history of this unit and whether personnel from it saw action before 1802? Many thanks, Steven
  4. I note that apart from the Cross, there are two different sized gilt medals for Atjeh. Can you gentlemen please advise what the award criteria were and whether any nominal rolls exist? Regards, Steven
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