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  1. Cheers mate any idear how to trace him my reason is he as a KSA to PRESDEE Kings Shropshire L.I. and the QSA to same man is floating about in England. Phil.
  2. Dear members My name is Philip Morris from Shrewsbury, England, I am trying to contact a member who as a KSA Medal to Pte. C. Presdee, KINGS SHROPSHIRE, LI. I have information to the location of his QSA. Phil
  3. CONTACT ME ON philip150@btinternet.com regarding KSA TO PRESDEE
  4. DEAR SIR PLEASE CONTACT ME ON philip150@btinternet.com cheers PHILIP MORRIS, ENGLAND
  5. Dear Sir My name is Philip Morris, from England you might be intrested in this QSA to PRESDEE you can e-mail me on philip150@btinternet.com
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