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    Third Reich badges and belt buckles. Excavation military fields.

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  1. Hi all! What can you say about this unmarked example? This one was dug up in "Heiligenbeil pocket", near Polisch/Russian border. Maybe some relict of HG division? is it possible to find its manufacturer?
  2. This helmet was picked up from polish past war fire service- fire brigade, so decals have been removed- not all. Can you say me what kind of decals are these??? I thought that the SS decals matched, but they are on the bed sides. I know that the short series of other side SS helmets have been made. Maybe one of this.
  3. Have doubt with this badge. I know that RS made many past war reproductions. Looks got to me but always have doubt. Would you help me to resolve doubt...
  4. I can`t find this hollow back, unmarked example. Need some help with this...
  5. It seams that You were right. But there is another questions- is this item pre 1945 ??? How could it found in south-east Poland ??? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/190/carabinieri301.jpg/
  6. The biggest treasure are people who understand our passion and want to share it with us.

  7. The biggest treasure are people who understand our passions and want to share it with us.

  8. Hi. I have cap insignias to identify.. 1. wreath, unknown origin 2. SS skull - original??? marked- gesch
  9. Would you give me any opinion of this eagle?? Cap or breast? maker? pattern? Made of zinc- I think .
  10. Hi guys. I have picked up a new PAB for 10$ So I can`t be dissapointed if it is imitation. But need some help with genuine verify... It looks to me like flat back A.S. unmarked PAB. Thanks for help. Jack
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