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  1. Hi thanks all for th information. I didnt think for a minute such an obscure item would be a fake. Just shows stay with what you know (in my case WW1 British). Still it looks good on display.
  2. Hi all, I know very little about this breast star exept its 9cm accross silver and enamel the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) have it identifies as "the Military Order of Notre Dame of Sorrow". It may also be called "the Royal Sovereign Military order of our lady of Mercy". .Any information would be gratefuly received. I bought it as it is so pretty rather than having any idea what it represents.
  3. Operation telic medals have only recently been presented, there are several phases 1 being the war phase and 2-4 are occupation. The first comes with a rosette. Telic 1 coat around ?200+ depending on corps or regiment. The others ?140+. Several have been sold on EBAY and tend tocome with issue box and are lazer engraved. There are also copies which should be marked a ssuch and cost ?30-40 depending on the dealer.
  4. Dont forget the king faisal medal awarded to the British RAF in the 1930, the one I have has the clasp Kurdistan 1930-31 and is to 5a LAC in 5 B squadren. Sorry havnt a photo .
  5. JB thanks Ill try to find it on my PC, my mac doesnt like the LG. Gareth
  6. Hi all Im currently trying to research the award of a distinguished service cross to a William Topley RNR in WW2. I have tried the London gazette and only found his promotions notices in 1940/41. I cannot find any mention of his DSC. I have seen his award which is in the keeping of one of his relatives bit they know little about his war service. So any help would be gratefully received. Gareth
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