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  1. Actually this set belonged to Officer of Health (Officier van Gezondheid) Tiddo Reddingius.
  2. The medal set of Colonel Jan Hendrik Sar. One of the 17 Dutch who helped the Albanian forces in 1914. The empty place at the front of the bar was probably occupied by a Knight or Officer grade cross of the Order of Orange Nassau with the swords. He became Knight in this order in 1923 and Officer in 1946 after his retirement. Regards Herman
  3. Another one. He served in WW2 and in the Netherlands Indies right after WW2.
  4. I think it was awarded for a Norwegian state visit to the Netherlands in the early sixties.
  5. A set of a Dutch Infantry Lieutenant Colonel who served in the Netherlands East Indies following WW2.
  6. +1 your oak crown is a 100 % original first pattern. Great find. Regards Herman
  7. Indeed that is the case. I presume you deciphered the Dutch text, but to be complete: Lieutenant General 2nd May 1930 Retired 1st May 1934. Promoted in 1934 to Grandofficer in the Order of Orange-Nassau with the swords (Military Division) Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion Numeral XL to the Officers Cross Promoted to Grand Officer in the Legion Of Honor of France. Best regards Herman
  8. If he survived WW2, which he did not, his Dutch orders would have been rescinded by Royal Decree. This happened to several collaborators after the war. One retired general escaped this shame by committing suicide. Seijffardt, if he had survived the war, would have been convicted in court, probably the death sentence.
  9. From the Dutch officers list of 1929. He was at the time Major General and commander of the 1st Division. Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau Officers Cross with numeral XXXV Mobilisation cross 1914 - 1918 Commander 2nd class Sword Order of Sweden Commander 2nd class Danebrog Order of Denmark Officer Legion of Honor of France Officer in the Order of the Crown of Belgium His rank and date of promotion: 2lt Artillery 21st July 1892 1Lt 19th November 1898 Captain 1st of May 1911 Major 1st of November 1920 Lieute
  10. Interesting topic. No pictures to be found indeed. Checking several sources gives the following list: DSO & bar, DFC & bar, 39-45 star with Battle of Britain clasp, Air Crew Europe star, Defence Medal, War Medal & Mid oak leaf, Belgian Croix de Guerre with bronze oak leaf, Czecho-Slovakian Military Cross, French Legion d'Honneur Officer grade and French Croix de Guerre. Now a detailed sharp picture will help. Regards Herman
  11. Any news or update on this medal group? Regards Herman
  12. Lets try a different angle. What if the middel ribbon is the German Red Eagle Order. What blue ribbon would fit? Regards Herman
  13. Alight, I didn't know that. Still not to old to learn. But we agree upon the fact that it's a NC and not a DSC........ Regards Herman
  14. No, a black widow is an early WW2 Navy Cross and not a WW1 DSC. Regards Herman
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