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  1. Interesting topic. No pictures to be found indeed. Checking several sources gives the following list: DSO & bar, DFC & bar, 39-45 star with Battle of Britain clasp, Air Crew Europe star, Defence Medal, War Medal & Mid oak leaf, Belgian Croix de Guerre with bronze oak leaf, Czecho-Slovakian Military Cross, French Legion d'Honneur Officer grade and French Croix de Guerre. Now a detailed sharp picture will help. Regards Herman
  2. Any news or update on this medal group? Regards Herman
  3. Lets try a different angle. What if the middel ribbon is the German Red Eagle Order. What blue ribbon would fit? Regards Herman
  4. Alight, I didn't know that. Still not to old to learn. But we agree upon the fact that it's a NC and not a DSC........ Regards Herman
  5. No, a black widow is an early WW2 Navy Cross and not a WW1 DSC. Regards Herman
  6. dedehansen, you are correct. He indeed wears both Dutch medals. In the Dutch archives in The Hague there must be a file on him. He served at least for six years in the Dutch Indies to receive the Bronze Long service medal. Normally it was awarded after 12 years, but in the tropics the years counted double. He is wearing the medals in the wrong order by the way. Regards Herman
  7. Hi Wessel, Your MC is a copy of the George V WW1 type. If you do a Google search you'll find the George VI, WW2 type and the Elizabeth II type aswell. I enclose a picture of an original WW1 MC. Regards Herman
  8. Numbered purple hearts are near to impossible to match with a name.They were issued by numerous lower level military hospitals or units. Most of them didn't hold any records. The only thing you can get from a number(range) is the manufacturer as stated by muckaroon1960.
  9. Here is a full set to a Dutch Marine NCO who got a Member (Lid) grade award in the Order of Oranje Nassau AND a Bronze Cross (Bronzen Kruis) bravery award. This is a ultra rare combination in a modern group. Enjoy the picture. Herman
  10. A modern group with the Oranje Nassau, knight, military division.
  11. The Dutch Cross for justice and freedom. The figure 2 and 3 on the bars are the 1 year tours a soldier did in Korea.
  12. Nice story IrishGunner. This is a clean example why we preserve history. Sometimes we collectors as keepsakers of history do the right thing, because it's just that, the right thing. Respectfully, Herman
  13. It is a put together. No Special forces officer with the name Delaney received a silver star, let alone 9... 😂😂 Regards Herman
  14. Let's revive this old topic. @SGM97B, well done. Indeed you are one of the few US miltary to participate and succeed. I enclose a picture of one of my favorite medal sets. This set is from a Dutch Colonel who was the first to reach 25 succesfull participations. At this moment only ten people succeeded to reach this number and qualified for the red enamelled cross. Regards Herman
  15. Some sort of an award medal of the American Legion, a US veteran organisation. On the US Militaria Forum you can find a big variéty of medals this organisation issued over the years. Cheers Herman
  16. It seems that Otto Skorzeny was awarded a Commanders grade of this Order for his action late 1944. His awards which were at his funeral in 1975 shows this Order. Regards Herman
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