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  1. The new gun regulations in Norway (from 1/7-09) says: A weapon is considered to be made permanent useless (disabled) for weapon law § 1 second paragraph if all essential parts of the weapon made permanently unusable, and these can not be removed, replaced or modified in a way that will make it possible to reactivate the weapon. Disable No one can be made by or controlled by the approved provider or any stock market maker, or the police. When disabling is made or controlled by, the police may cause the gun a prominent brand. Police Directorate sets out procedures for which requirements wi
  2. Thanks , for the kind words. 10 x 80 mit 80 Grad Schrägeunblick. This is a observation telescope of the Kriegsmarine for tripod use, mainly by anti-aircraftunits. Coated optics and the graticule in right-hand side. Original finish: dark blue grey.
  3. The collection is in a small bunker:) but I need more space. This was how the german soldiers look like when the came to norway 9th of April 1940.
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