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  1. The badge on the left pocket is Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy graduate badge. On his right pocket on top, Mikhailovsky Artillery Military School badge. The badge below is badge in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich's Promotion to Chief of the Artillery And the officer on photo is famous Russian aviator pilot Pyotr Nesterov
  2. One more from my collection. Portrait of Paul Frederick, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (grandson of Russian tzar Paul I), with St. Andrew star.
  3. Thank you Glenn for your help. The only medal that is still mystery to me, is the one between Officers 25-Year Long Service Cross and French Legion of Honour Officer‘s Cross. Best regards, Glenn Hi, Yes it's a life size portrait. I have many, but this one is one of the best ones. Best regards, Glenn
  4. Thank you very much Glenn for your help in identifying officer on my painting. This is third one, that you help me with. I am really appreciate it. As fur as his St. George cross, I assume it is 5th class St.George cross.
  5. Just acquired this portrait of a prussian colonel. Last cross on his medal bar, Russian St.George cross for Franco-Prussian war.
  6. Thank you for helping me identify medal. I will try to do some research on Ferdinand Graf von (Count of) Vetter von der Lilie. It will be cool if it's indeed him. I am really appreciate your help. Best regards, Glenn
  7. Hello, I have a portrait of Austrian major in uniform of lancers regiment "Archduke Carl" No. 3. Apparently he participated in suppression of hungarian uprising 1849 for which he received Leopold Order i Knight’s Cross, Russian order of St.Vladimir 4th class with swords. He also has a medal, ribbon looks like Prussan "life saving". May be someone can help me identify it.
  8. This is latest addition to my collection. Good painting by known artist and good size too: 102X58cm.
  9. German pilot in Turkish army. He doesn't have Turkish Pilots Badge, but still very interesting painting.
  10. 19991 ЕФРЕМОВ Михаил — 9 пех. Ингерманландский Императора Петра Великого полк, рядовой. За отличие в бою 8.03.1915. 19991 Efimov Mihail - The 9th Infantry Ingermanland Emperor Peter the Great regiment, private, for bravery in combat. 08.03.1915
  11. Hi all, Can someone identify this order. Order made by Godet & Sohn, Berlin.
  12. Thank you Paul, I stopped collecting German medals long time ago, but ones collector, always collector. Just couldn't pass by a good deal.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have been told it was Franco-Prussian war period piece. But if it's earlier decoration it is even better. Do you have information on how many Knight orders were issued during that period.
  14. One of the early awards, probably 1870-1871. Order shows some heavy wear on the bottom portion of the front medallion. It looks like recipient awarded with this order proudly wear it for a long time. Does anybody have any information on number of SHO awarded during Franco-Prussian war.
  15. WOW! That was fast. Thank you very much for information. I am collecting paintings on Franco-Prussian war and based on general awards he took part in Franco-Prussian war. But I had no idea who he were, not until now. With kind regards, Glenn
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