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  1. Hello all The original post is quite old now, but I wonder if anyone can help a bit more with this, not in terms of my original question, but in identifying the medals that my ancestor is wearing in this portrait of him. Obviously one of the medals is the Waterloo medal - any further help greatly appreciated! And why would he have his hand tucked into his jacket like that? Many thanks Alex
  2. Goodness, then I guess I was just really lucky! To know his name and a bit about him is just terrific. Thanks once again. Alex
  3. Wow, Voltigeur, that is amazing, thank you! I never thought that someone would be able to come up with a definite name for this man. Please can you tell me more about how you can be so sure of who he is? I'm fascinated! Do you have any further info about him? We'll probably never know why our family has this image of him and his badge, but knowing his name is just amazing - I'm sure I'm not the only one that reads this post that will think this! Many thanks Alex
  4. I like the idea of the blog, but I just won't be able to fit it in - I'm already struggling! Once I've got more stuff together I will do some more of the individual profiles in the "The Recipients Story" section that Nick set up at my suggestion. That works for me, and hopefully works for those that read it! Cheers Alex
  5. The Gurkha button is a mystery and will remain that way, I'm sure. As for more trunks...haha! I've done an awful lot of that in the last year - ie sorting through boxes and suitcases creating an archive so that each family member has an archival number, and then I have put any photos/documents/letters/etc into individual acid free boxes for me to then go through for the rest of my life getting things into better order still! Eventually I want to create an online museum, but whilst I have started it, I am nowhere near finishing it! The militaria (ie buttons, medals, badges) is still being sorted through, and I want to store it in a more preservation friendly way than it has been. Are you saying you'd like to see pictures of the characters I refer to in this post Mervyn? Happy to do so, but not quite sure if that is what you're asking! Alex
  6. Thank you Graham. That helps - this button probably belonged to my great, great, great uncle who was in the navy in the early to mid 1800s - nice one! Still puzzled by this, but then some mysteries aren't meant to be solved! Thanks for you help Graham.
  7. #13 – I’m not sure about this small button at all, except that I guess it is a Gurkha button? Any ideas? and finally #14 – Seaforth Highlanders – again, my great uncle’s button, who was killed in WW1 (see my Avatar!)
  8. #11 – Scottish Horse 1900 – this belonged to my great uncle who took part in the Boer War and was gazetted as Adjutant to the Scottish Horse in 1903. and #12 – Bengal Fusiliers – I’m a bit confused by this little one. Possibly it belonged to my Great Grandfather (see photo #3)
  9. #9 – The Kings Own Light Infantry – belonged to another cousin, who served in the campaign on the North-West frontier of India (Ambela) in 1863, the Jowaki-Afridi expedition in 1877, and the Afghan War in 1878-9. and #10 – ID help please. Possibly Civil Defence, but when from?
  10. #7 – Same regiment as in #6, but a smaller, older looking button with a different design. and... #8 – The Royal Regt – belonged to Captain Edward Sharp – see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/41432-capt-sharps-crimea-medals-x-2-plus-one-i-dont-know/page__hl__sharp__fromsearch__1
  11. #5 – ID help please. Maker is Jennings & Co, London. Maybe it is just a general military button? then... #6 – The 6th Royal Warwickshire Regiment – my Cousin’s grandfather’s button – see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/40988-captain-robert-graeme-born-04-12-1839-dcd-14-05-1910/
  12. #3 - Royal Dublin Fusiliers – possibly worn by my Great Grandfather, who was in the Royal Madras Fusiliers, although he retired in 1875 before the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were formed. then #4 – The Royal Welsh Fusiliers – worn by my late Cousin’s father – see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/40891-captain-dudley-davies-lambert/
  13. Hello All I've been having a sort through some more of my family's military stuff (for want of a better word!), and in doing so put all the buttons out on a table, amazing myself with just how many there are, and how many different ones there are too! They obviously prized these buttons as in some cases we have 20 or so of the same one! Anyway, rather than locking them back away for another hundred years, I thought I'd share them on here, and hopefully can get some help with IDing and dating the ones I'm not sure about as I'm keen to try and link them to people. Many thanks Alex #1 – ID help please and age. Maker is Jennings & Co, London. then #2 – ID help please and age. Maker is Smith & Wright, Birmingham.
  14. Thank you Simon...maybe one of the mods could move this to the Kingdom of Belgium forum?!!
  15. Just thought I'd share this amusing lithograph. The artist is Braud and I guess it was painted around the mid 1800s. I know nothing else about it, so if anyone can identify the regiment, that would be interesting. Thanks Alex
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