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  1. Here is a handwritten letter from Meindl to his sister-in-law:
  2. Great job !! Thanks a lot. I think this is him. By the way - photo is sold. Kind regards Robert
  3. Austro-Hungarian soldiers are still a mistery for me, never collected this subject. Yesterday I got this photo on a fleamarket in the neighborhood: Questions: What rank ? Is he austrian or hungarian ? What medals does he have ? Maybe somebody recognizes him by name ? And for those who want to know - I do not collect photos anymore, so if anybody is interested, contact me - it will be for sale. Kind regards Robert
  4. While I am selling my photo collection step by step, I am still finding stuff on fleamarkets. Good for you. Last sunday I got these 3 photos + 1 death card, which belonged to one austrian family. The death card of the Kaiserschütze is a common one, the bigger photo with the steel-helmet should be a Kaiserschütze too, but the two others are unknown to me. 1.) Death Card 2.) Kaiserschütze as well ? 3.) Another mountain trooper, but what's on his collar ??? 4.) Last but not least ---- austrian Navy officer ??? Thanks in advance for any informations. Robert
  5. Great pictures ! I love them. As I am an active biker, I also love those motorcycle photos, though I don't collect them particularly. Here are two of mine: NSKK giving some HJ-boys a ride Cheers Robert
  6. The more I look on german navy portraits from 1st WW and after, I also think now that he could be french. The stripes system of the preliminary Reichswehr was kinda different, see this photo: and the jumper was different too, as Chip already has recognized ( the only photo I have of a Reichswehr navy EM ) Not sure how a french Navy portrait comes into a box of postcards on a small bavarian fleamarket, well, however. Thanks for your comments. Kind regards Robert
  7. French ? In the box where I found that photo were a lot of austrian postcards, so austrian could be, but there were no french postcards. Okay, that doesn't mean a thing, all is possible. Thanks for Your answers. Kind regards Robert
  8. The only photo I got today on a local fleamarket just around the corner I am not familiar with all these navy badges, but this one shows wings and a propellar. So my question is - is he a german navy pilot from the imperial period or what do you think ? Or a Marine - Luftschiffer ?? Thanks in advance Kind regards Robert
  9. and this one, photographed at Linz - Austria No further information available Kind regards Robert
  10. The first photo is from a POW - Arbeitslager ( Labour-Camp ) in which my great-grandfather was a guard, after he was heavy wounded at the western frontlines The photo is not dated. He wrote that there were 360 men under his command. December 8th, 1918 my great-grandfather died. Next one shows a couple of russian ( or bulgarian ? ) officers ( I think Rick has already seen that photo and said a few words ) Last one is another interesting shot of british and canadian soldiers, but I am really not sure if they are POW's or not Kind regards Robert
  11. ........ Here's another photo from the group, I forgot to post it: Maria Paetz in a hospital 1943 at Roslawl. Can not read the name of the russian volonteer, except that it ends with ..ow. Thanks so far, Robert
  12. Kevin - sharp eyes - congratulations ! Yes, most of the photos with the camo clothes have this stamp on the back: Probably the photos were stapled when the ink of the stamp wasn't dry enough, so the stamp appears on the front of this photo. Rick - thanks a lot for the infos about the generals. Spengler makes total sense as the photo was taken at Roslawl. Bingo. Pawel is interesting, at the time the photo was taken, he was commander of Körruck 559 - what's that ? Here's a closer scan of the General supposed to be Spengler: I need to be a bit more precise on the Wildente, my comment was misleading. The magazine "Wildente" was published after the war, started in 1952, published by Günther Heysing. It was a commemorative magazine about Propaganda troops and war correspondents. These magazines are rare and hard to get, they appeared in a very small number. I will have to do more research on this magazine, cause I am sure that the context in which the photo was published, will bring more light into the story. ..........
  13. .... 10.) There are more photos, but I have shown the most interesting ones and those which bring up some question. However, there is one photo in that group which does not fit. I believe the person in the middle with the swastika armband is Maria Paetz again I wonder if these soldiers are POW's and Maria was a guard ?? As we know that the swastika armband was not worn in enemy territories, this photo could be taken "home" And for the final comment: ANY info is highly appreciated, as always !!! Kind regards Robert
  14. ......... The two photos before, have the caption " POA Anwärter " - " POA candidates " Note the mayor of Roslawl is holding a speech in the background .........
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