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  1. Thanks a lot. Found out that 2/11 was the 2nd Battalion, 11th North Devonshire Regiment. Br, Thomas PS: Just for the record the engraved name is E. H. Andrews.
  2. Hi all Can somone decipher unit and rank for this sergeant? All info are much appriciated. Br, Thomas
  3. Hi everyone This beauty came in a lot from England consisting of primarily WW1 Brittish regimental badges. If anyone can tell me more about it, for instance which Alexander I, II or III it is from. Bade is made of gilted bronze. Cheers Thomas
  4. Reviving this interesting thread with a recent find that hasn't been posted yet. Pictures are really bad, in hand the obverse of this fine CEJ MM cross for widows/parents looks perfect in its enamel black color. Hope you like it Cheers Thomas
  5. Good evening I'm very new to Brittish campaignstars but have read the threads here on the "ACE" star and followed the educational links. After having read the available info I bellieve my newly aquired Air Crew Europe is original but I would like to know your views. 4½ dots in the crown Correctly shaped E "VI" correctly attached Diestruck The only worrie I have concerning my star is that it has a brighter "goldish" colour to it as opposed to my other ones that has a more coppery tone to them. I hope this is due to it being unvorn? Kr. Thomas Bendixen
  6. IMO a 57 version or restrike, heres my silver ST&L produced piece. Cheers Thomas
  7. I'm all ears and eyes here - one of the most interesting threads I have seen long! Thanks for sharing! And thanks to Norm for the great link. Cheers Thomas
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