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  1. yep Gary W is the walrus

  2. Not the Angry Walrus perchance?

  3. sounds fascinating and will be investigating further.
  4. Will certainly give it a look over as it sounds very interesting
  5. And another fine fellow joins the great NAAFI queue in the sky. May he Rest in Peace
  6. And typical of our colonial cousins hijacking the honour of taking it, as portrayed in the Bridge too far film. After all they got the enigma, liberated the whole of Europe single handed and cleared Rommel out of N Africa, TFIC lol.
  7. Hi, got an answer from Brendan O'Carroll. Author of Barce Raid, Kiwi Scorpions, Bearded Brigands and also co-author of the film/book already mentioned in this thread on Jebil Sherif etc also from other similar sources re same. " As far I understand it, LRDG gallantry awards are usually only named to the winner's parent unit; however, the citation sometimes mentions the LRDG involvement. For example, in my book Barce Raid, I have listed eight citations for awards earned on the raid, of those, only in two are the letters 'LRDG' used. They describe the action and use the word 'patrol' a lot. " "Cheers and happy Christmas, Best regards Brendan" Hope this helps Gary
  8. Thanks Kevin already got the film and also member of LRDG org etc. Gary
  9. Re Medals, not too sure but I know a man who does. Will get back to you soonest Gary
  10. Brian You lucky person, love the 19 set and have been trying to get one myself but not a lot I can find in UK Gary
  11. Fraternal Greetings Brethren Past Master St Marks Lodge at Glasgow #102 GL Of Scotland, PZ, Past Preceptor, CC, RAM, Guild of FM, Conlave, O of SM, + other orders.
  12. Hi Does anyone know of any surviving members of the LRDG in UK? I am looking at running an expedition to the Western Desert to cover some of the routes used by these brave men and making a short film or documetary of same, using period vehicles, WW2 uniforms, rations, methods etc. I would love to have some footage from a set of interviews with one or more of these fellows to help me with the background for the exped and pre op research etc. Failing this perhaps someone had a relative who was in the LRDG and have some information about them that we can also include. The expedition itself is to raise awareness of the deeds these formations carried out, the hardships and tasks carried out etc with the overall aim to raise money for some of the services charities. Have a look at www.wdrg.org for more info Best regards Gary A Wallace Major
  13. Hi The two types of rigger I have come across in the military are concerning the fitting out of aircraft for different loads, equipment and personnel. The other, which is more pertinent to Para/Airborne forces was the rigging of specialist equipment and vehicles in preparation for airborne operations/assaults. As you say he was in the Glider Pilot Regt this would be more likely as it involved the fitting out of gliders internally to take jeeps, artilery pieces, pallets of ammo, stores and equipment required for use on the DZ/LZ for immediate ops. Also the securing of all the equipment and vehicles to stop any movement during take off, flight and more importantly landings (Don't want a jeep flying through the front of a glider on impact etc) In modern times -over past 30 years I had been part of Para Regt and did rigging and checkers courses to put similar equipments- land rovers and trailers etc onto Medium Stressed Platforms (MSPs) prior to their loading into Hercules and other suitable aircraft prior to air dropping same. This involved lashing, chaining and securing equipment using air bags, wooden shock struts, padding, taping and tying any loose items etc- a long and tedious job for what amounted to 30 seconds of para descent onto the DZ/LZ etc. Hope this helps Gary A Wallace Major Mainly TA 15 & 4 Para with a bit in 2 Para mid 70s to present
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