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  1. Hello, Kevin posted this picture. It's interesting to see Genosse Jähn wearing a qualispange on his Gesellschaftsjacke (Gala Jacket). I have never seen it before... Was it permitted just for this famous Cosmonaut? Grüssle
  2. As far as I know there are none. I have been looking for these pictures for years. I have never found them. Though there are some pictures of the Grenzflieger in FDA (BDU? in the usa)
  3. Thanks for your reply! With some field work we should find the answer I too have a few visors with a 2-piece badge and the latest is dated 1976 as well. I also have a 1980 dated visor with a single piece badge. So maybe the turningpoint is somewhere in between. Though I reckon that when the single piece badge was introduced many old style 2-piece badge visors were manually changed because they wouldn't trow anything in the bin in the GDR. I can't find the exacte date in the Keubke reference book but maybe that's just me.
  4. Welcome to the forum and I too would like to see some of these pics! By the way, as far as I know there were 2735 poles on the german-german border. The were all documentated number 1 stood in Priwall (North / Ostsee) and number 2735 stood down south at the border of West Germany – DDR – Tschechoslovakia. That would be one pole per 500 meters (total 1378 Kilometers).
  5. www.ddruniformen.mysites.nl/

  6. Hello Gentlemen, I hope you can help me. I was wondering when the NVA changed the two piece officer and nco cockarde into a one piece cockarde.. I can't find the exact moment. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hauptmann, I guess these these experiences make collecting a nice hobby. Sometimes you lose some (mostly because of your own stupidity) and sometimes you get your hands on some thing special (mostly because of coincidence). The fact that it's not as predictable as the weather makes it a intersting hobby. I guessluck is more important than money in this 'business'. So with a little luck I will have my own VVO soon :beer:
  8. here is my favorite uniform. An uniform of the Grenzkompanien. These were small units that guarded the borders of the GDR on the rivers (like the Elbe and Spree). The shoulder boards and the ribbon bar are incorrect by the way. I've made this picture a long time ago. Have a nice weekend!
  9. Nice VVO! Still missing in my collection It's a pitty indeed that we don't know much of the most stuff we own. Most of the items have been true a lot.. By the way I've bought a medal for Verdienste in der Reservistenarbeit bronce. I will post a pic as soon as it arrives from germany. You don't see these that much. Of course it's not as rare as most VVO's.
  10. Hi Paul, excuse me for my late respons! It's hard to determinate if the jackets are assembled or the real thing. The liner stamps are the nva type. You just can't be sure. Only bad signal you can get is when there are traces of regular collar tabs besides that there is no difference with a normal grenztruppen jacket. This is not the case with the visor. A original grenzflieger visor is hard to get. If you've got one it's usually assembled which can be detected by the holes that were made for the normal nva cockarde. The holes that are needed for the wings cockarde are on a different spot. My v
  11. Hello Gentlemen, I'm new to this forum. Some the names I've seen on this forum sound familiar to me because I'm also active on the Wehrmacht-Awards-forum. I came across this very interesting topic and wanted to show you my grenzflieger uniforms as well. They are my favorite part of collecting (nexto volksmarine) but the uniforms are hard to get and easily to forge. It's frustrating indeed that there are almost no pictures of grenzfliegers. I was wondering (because of the fact that the grenzflieger units were part of the LuSK) if it could have been possible that some personel of the Gren
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