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    European Orders with emphasis on Belgian, French and Albanian. I enjoy studying hallmarks and maker marks along with micro photography to capture those.
    Photography of OMD's is another interest of mine.

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  1. Hi Igor, Nice one! These were French made in slightly smaller (than Dutalis's) size. I have few of these in silver, silver gilt and all are marked with French hallmark (head of hare). All are with swords like yours and have nearly identical centres (double leaves at the bottom of the disc - all Dutalis's had singles). Too bad the reverse is missing.
  2. VC, Just saw your post. I think I can make out the 'sword' silver hallmark on the crown and another one punched to the wreath ties, this assures your cross was manufactured (but not necessarily awarded) prior to 1869. Eyelet mark appears to be partial Buls's mark. Nice cross, too bad the lion is somewhat fatigued.
  3. Hi, You cannot date any of the L1 orders by the 'I' numeral alone on the reverse. As to the mark, became official after 1946.
  4. Yes. Jef, You need a Heremans's lion. Sending you a pm.
  5. I am not sure I follow: "I asked you about the Roman one the orders with the motto in both languages. Could it be? I thought a Roman only one on order to WW2. " If you mean the French only inscriptions vs French and Flemish - dual languages were used after 1951 statutes revision.
  6. This crown 'type' was never linked to a particular vintage. It appeared in 1981 Borne's Belgian reference book but without much credence in regard to the years used (just a common belief as was circulated at the time of writing). I own examples with such crown used with the post-1951 centres. In reality, Borne's so called "elargi, aplati,classique" crowns are just variants of a similar crown - all produced from late 1880s and into 1960s by at least 6 manufacturers. Get yourself a copy of Antti Ruokonen's book (Orders of Belgium), there is an extensive reference to crowns used with this ord
  7. Tim, I think your was probably DeGreef's work - I have a couple examples that are identical and are cased (DeGreef firm stamp on the box). Usage of 'I' was not limited only to Wolfers, DeGreef and also other manufacturers used it (Chobillon in France too). Ost-da, in my opinion your Officer was likely made between 1950s and as late as 1970s. The Knight is much earlier. Long swords appeared officially after 1905 and this crown style was only commonly used by a couple of manufacturers. I would date your piece anytime between early WW1 and WW2.
  8. Hi Tim, With so many manufacturers of this Order, there were a great deal of variants in the details. As a very general summation, the one piece ribband-lion centres were normally found on the insignia of the higher classes (GC/GO/Com). Also, the older (some of the earlier Belgian and French manufactured examples) are often seen with this feature but of higher quality workmanship. Photo of my pre 1869, French manufactured Knight class with gold centre below. Your example would likely be of considerably more recent vintage but quite interesting never the less.
  9. Nick, Thank you again! I take it, it would be anyone's guess how many such medals were awarded.
  10. Nick, That was quick !!! Thank you very much. Do you know if this was indeed issued/made during his life - I read up a bit on him and the source I read said that he was a Governor of the Sichuan between 1916-1917, killed in 1922. Would this be some kind of commemorative or other award?
  11. Gentlemen, Chinese awards are not my cup of tea, would anyone be able to identify this particular one? Any info would be great. Ribbon is only partial but appears to be of age and could be original. There is quite a bit of wear to it and I am hoping it is not a recent forgery. There is a 'vent' hole at the bottom of the rim, it appears to be hollow which would explain the 'vent' hole. It appears to be of lower grade silver (although I did not test for it) with light gilding. I read through most of the topics in this section but cannot find exact one like it. Thank you in advance.
  12. ​Kvart, Yes, this is typical Fonson produced Commander's cross but with a forgery obverse centre, made to deceive. Originals of this class are very rare and vast majority of items on the market are indeed forgeries. Good luck with your search.
  13. Laurence, My guess is Fonson, before Fibru took over. Also, Eeckelers distributed similar examples in the 1980s but they did not manufacture these. Hope this helps.
  14. Rogi, Call me crazy but yours (very nice piece by the way!!) really looks to have French silver standard hallmark (boar head - up side down in your case). I have not heard of "blank" punch marks, perhaps hard to read etc. I get it, it does not tell us of particual manufacturer but at least narrows it down to a country. Cheers.
  15. It definitely looks like a punch on the suspension of the reverse, perhaps the owner can check.
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