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  1. OK. Thanks! I could find this link which shows a postal history of Bahawalpur which shows soldiers in similar attire though they have been placed on reverse side than what is shown in postcard. Still, as you said if postcard doesn't mention anything on back then there is no authenticity that it is official one. http://www.fdc4all.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=58&products_id=566&zenid=f5f649071f3000b5608a90ab362b0342 Thanks for help!
  2. May I ask if this postcard is official i.e. issued by Bahawalpur state or a private one like Tucks or any other private publisher? Actually, I have been collecting on British India (includes area before India and Pakistan Independence) WWI and WWII related postal and non-postal items for last couple of years. Recently, someone offered me this postcard for USD$25. Even though, it shows participation in WWI, I was not sure if this was official postcard or private one. As, I have more inclination towards official ones.
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