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  1. wow! very nice! never seen or heard of it before. don't suppose you might hint at where you got it? :-)
  2. Hi mate, Thank you for your input. Kind of disappointing to see that site was completely off the ball what the medal was. But the good news is that I didn't buy it there. Got it off ebay for much less than that luckily. Also disappointing that I got a new medal that is non-military. Kind of a double strike really :-) but alas, its all new info for some members, so glad to contribute
  3. Hi Gavin. Been wondering where you went :-). Great buy. Such a beautiful award
  4. holy gees mate. that collection must of cost you a fortune. congrats on such a wonderful collection!!! good luck to you in the future for finding the two hero awards for this grand fellow
  5. Hi Gavin, Just wanted to say that even with all the bad news, you still have purchased a beautiful medal. and even if the medal did not belong to your man, I just wanted to welcome you properly to the world of researching. Just think what it will be like when you get a proper match it. It shall be a glorious achievement. Enjoy your medal and good luck for the future
  6. hi gavin. the thai cabinet is always a book mark for me as a thai collector and a post mark of to buy list :-D thanks for putting it up though #edit# I would also like to say thankyou for having a look around for me. unfortuantely, crowns and elephants are the usual parcel and through delaers they are quite expensive to boot Hi Paul, thank you very much for your input. I definately know where I can get unissued's, but still not sure if its from a official supplier. I still need to figure out if the proper version is real diamonds or just simulated.....
  7. hi gavin, thanks for the help. here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratana_Varabhorn_Order_of_Merit
  8. thanks kapten. I'll give that a go and apologies for wrong section. I swear I clicked on south east..... my bad. sorry!!
  9. Morning all. The R.V. order is currently at the top of my list of must have for my collection. I see it as a wonderful order and very beautiful. I was hoping if any thai collectors here know where I can get one. I would prefer a older version of around war time period, but certaintly DO NOT WANT jeweller copies or non-awarded versions. and just to clarify... I can't go to thailand to buy one. :-) thanks to all and any who can supply help in this area. I have only seen one come up for sale (evil-bay) which was from a seller who is known for jeweller copies and non-issued orders.
  10. hang on wait... you have this??? holy gees dude!!! congrats on such a supurb item!!!! congrats!!!
  11. oh you gotta be kidding me. hahha thats amazing mate. what a great pick up!!!!! I dearly hope I can see these in the flesh myself sometime :-)
  12. Thanks all Dr claw, that German frame was originally for my rising sun collection However, until I get more suns, my research project gets a spot :-D
  13. Hi Mervyn, thanks for your comments!! With the bullion - which award are you referring to? It would be great to know I have a older award. I need to take the time this weekend to read the date stamps and see which era they came from. And wow - a white elephant for blood donations? You got to love the thai system for awarding medals :-D may I ask how that all came about with how you got to donating blood to thailand and receiving the medal? Just interesting to learn more on how the government and monarcy decide on who gets medals especially when it comes to foreigners. and thankyou so much!!!! :-) I will have to start a elephant display next :-D
  14. Thanks for your input Hugh. Gives me something to look for on auctions and local shows now :-D
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