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  1. Vince, I am trying to nail down where this was issued from. The two cities listed on the back are near each other but do not connect. Is this a regionally issued medal? Would the recipient have been either from Kassel or Muhlhausen? Thank you Dean
  2. Hello to everyone, I recently picked up this 3 placer. I am looking for information on the 3rd medal. It looks to be a true service Chamber of Commerce/Industry medal. It lists two cities Kassel and Muhlhausen on the back of the medal. These are separate cities. I am looking for information on how this medal was issued. Any information would be appreciated.
  3. Hello to everyone, I picked up this medal bar this weekend. I was wondering how many Zahringen Lion Knight 2nd class with swords and oakleave were issued? Dean
  4. Hello to everyone, I am not sure where to put this request, so I decided to place it here. I am looking to purchase a 5 book Nimmergut series that details weights and sizes of medals and orders. Any information on purchasing this series would be appreciated. Dean
  5. Hello to everyone, I picked these prizen flight badges up at a show. I have never seen anything like this before. Dean
  6. Dave, You have helped out many times with information, I thank you. But why would someone have 1870-71, 1871, 1870 clasps on one bar?
  7. Hello to everyone, I was told that this is a Wurttemburg social service medal. I know I have seen military ones like this with swords. Can anyone provide me with any information on this medal? Dean
  8. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at recent show. Can anyone provide me with any background on this medal? Dean
  9. Roman, Thank you for the information. I took a chance on this. I clearly see now that the Cross I purchased was is fake. I am now better informed. The Cross I bought will be destroyed, so it will never be on the market again. Dean
  10. bryansk1959 and Andreas, After looking closer at the pictures both of you provided, I can now see that the cross I bought has some serious flaws. I can now put it in the fake drawer. Thank you Dean
  11. This cross 100% original. In the evening, after work, I look for a link to a great site on the cross.Regards.Alexander. Alexander, I would like to see any websites you can direct me to Dean
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