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  1. Saschaw and redeagleorder, Thank you for your comments and information. Saschaw: I still have a question on the 50 Jubilee on the Red Eagle Order. I am assuming this was issued in 1901. What do you mean when you said "was awarded on occasion of Jubilee service"? Did the wearer of the bar still have to be in military service in 1901 to get the 50th Jubilee of the Red Eagle Order? Dean
  2. Hello to everyone, I just picked this bar up over the weekend. Can someone please explain how one goes about getting the 25 year oak leave on the EK2 and the 50 on the Order of the Red Eagle? Dean
  3. Hello to everyone, I just picked this up at a show this weekend and wanted to share. Dean
  4. Hello to everyone, Something else to add to this thread (an armband) and --dj--Joe's submission. Dean
  5. Hello I have one also. I don't know how to describe it, other than a commemorative medal bar. Dean
  6. Ulsterman, I don't know what ribbon goes on this medal. If anyone has an idea please let me know.... Dean
  7. Everyone, I have never seen one of these, so I just wanted to share. Thought it was neat........ Dean
  8. Hello to everyone, I purchased this veterans association badge today. I have seen a number of German veterans association badges, but not one for German soldiers that fought on the Eastern front (Russia). I thought it was unique and wanted to share. Dean
  9. Hello to everyone, I was able to purchase this bar today. I have included a little better pics. Just wanted to share. Dean
  10. Seeheld, A final price has not been settled on as of yet, so I am not sure I will be able to purchase bar. If I do and want to sell it, I will give you first try. Dean
  11. Claudius, Thank you for your help. I do appreciate your input. I am trying to settle on a price for this bar. Dean
  12. VtwinVince and Don, Thank you for your help. I did have some concerns with the swords devices even being on the bar. Dean
  13. Hello to everyone, I am not sure where to put this, so I put it here. I have an opportunity to buy this bar, but I have some concerns. I would like members to comment on this bar. I only have a front and back picture of the bar. Dean
  14. Paul, Thanks for the thumbs up on this bar. I have never seen anything like it either. I am glad you like it. Dean
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