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  1. Probably the best advice would be to first study the hell out of items that interest you.....read the books, read the forum threads, get to know the tiny differences between the good and the bad. THEN, go hit some militaria shows and meet some other collectors. Pick up your pieces through those avenues and avoid the militaria dealer websites as they are for the most part all way over-priced and just as filled with junk as anywhere else.
  2. There are also examples of all the different types of GFM boards and baton variations (both Army and Luft), if any of you would like to explore that area further. http://www.themarshalsbaton.com/
  3. By the way, of additional interest to you Luft insignia collectors, I now have quite an extensive grouping of original Luft Generals insignia examples posted up on my site; http://www.themarshalsbaton.com/ There are updates to all the Luft Generals pages (GFM, Luft Generals Rank Overview and Additional Luft Generals Insignia examples). A tip of the hat to several other Luft collectors (who donated examples) and happen to have the same General Officer affliction that I do!
  4. Paul, these are the aluminum batons....and a larger size at that, most likely intended for use on the overcoat boards though they were used on tunic boards as well. Here's a detail shot.
  5. These aren't exactly tabs, but they are a recent pick up of mine I thought you Luft fans might enjoy. They belonged to GFM Milch
  6. I'd like to further enlist the help of British collectors out there. I know the German stuff very well, but want to venture further into collecting some British high ranks and have no idea where and who to turn. I'd like to locate Field Marshal and Fleet Admiral insignia, preferrably WW2 vintage. I'm sure this is as big of a task as finding the German stuff, and probably quite as pricey as well, but after all 'the hunt' is what makes all of this so much fun. Do any of you out there have some advice? Thank you in advance, Mike
  7. Hello all, At the Show Of Shows I picked up a Royal Navy full Admiral's uniform and need some help identifying the owner. I'm attaching a photo of the name tag in the inside pocket. So far Google and Yahoo have been no help, but perhaps I'm just reading it wrong. Any assistance is appreciated! Mike
  8. Sooner than later, I believe we'll see the prices flatten out and maybe even start to decline. I've already seen some of the older dealers (and some high profile collectors like Angolia and Peterson) selling off their personal collections, yet keeping a small to moderate 'sales' inventory to continue to cash in on the high tide of prices. Many of them of course will argue against a future downturn, as they have a vested interest in keeping this good thing going as long as it can. Some collectors will switch the need for their 'fix' to other areas of militaria that are more affordable. About
  9. This is a very interesting topic and one I've had much discussion with other collectors and dealers on.....particularly at the last few shows I've attended. The problem, as I see it, with the Third Reich stuff is this; largely speaking, the collectors are all older, lets say 40 on up. Reason being is that we all grew up with WW2 movies in the theaters, Combat, Twelve O'Clock High, Hogans Heros, Rat Patrol, etc., etc. all over TV and when we played army in the neighborhood it was always the Germans versus the Americans. We also had fathers or family members who served in the war and had souv
  10. Do any of you Luft afficianados happen to know if any of the General's in the HG panzer division ever wore the black (or field gray) panzer wraps with their Luft General's insignia? I've seen plenty of pictures (and real uniforms) of Heer (and W-SS) General panzer wraps, but have never seen any period pics or heard of a Luft example. Just curious....it seems that would be one beautiful looking wrap if it existed.
  11. Paul, Thanks so much for your welcome to this forum and your emails. This looks to be a wonderful new place to share information, thoughts and friendships. Much more gentlemanly than the other forums seem to have devolved into. I hope to be a regular contributor (and knowledge sponge) on here! Mike
  12. Thanks so much for the quick response from Eduardo in sending me nice pics of his Admirals uniform! You guys here truly are Gentlemen! Now, if somebody can get me pics of Grossadmiral shoulder boards I'll really be amazed! Mike
  13. Hello, Great thread on collar tabs. I've got a nice reference site on general officer and field marshal insignia with some examples shown at; www.themarshalsbaton.com I'm looking for pictures of a few ranks that I'm missing, if any Luft collectors out there have examples to share. Mike
  14. Hello everyone, I'm looking for KM collectors who have admiral rank insignia and uniforms in their collections and would like to share pictures of their pieces on a reference site I have put together. I posted a note in the website forum as well, but in the event you didn't see it you can visit my site at this address; http://themarshalsbaton.com/ Its a reference site for the study of General officer (including Admirals) and Field Marshal militaria...a long time interest (some would say obsession) of mine. Photographic contributions of original pieces are welcome and will be attributed unl
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