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  1. Hi Tony I am alive and well but very busy ! I would love to know what SVC badges you have - I have about 35 different ones and therefore it may be easier for you to tell me what ones you have got rather than me listing all of mine. Which SVC Company did your grandfather belong to ? I guess that he did not serve for too long as i cannot find him on the SVC long service medal roll. I am positively jealous of your flag ! I know of a good home for it - if you ever want to give it up - ha ha. Regards Shanghai Girl PS : A new book called Forgotten Regiments by Barry Renfrew has ch
  2. I have attached a photo of a Victorian Penang Police button . Does anyone have any other items of Penang Police memorabilia ? Shanghai Girl
  3. Shanghai Municipal Police Silver Collar Badge, Shoulder Title and Buttons.
  4. Shanghai Municipal Police Chinese Constables Cap Badge
  5. Hi Mervyn, I have only seen one other SMP Helmet Plate and it is identical to mine. They originally went on a British Bobby style helmet but I believe these were all replaced in the early 1900s. I have attached photos of the European NCO's SMP cap badge and the Chinese Constables SMP cap badge. They are both white metal - but with the Chinese Constables badge having the Latin and Chinese wording cut out ! I have also attached a photo of the shoulder title, officers collar badge and two officers buttons - small size. I presume that you did not get a long service medal together with yo
  6. Mervyn, I forgot to ask what price you wanted for your cap badge ? I noticed that you had estimated it between 300 and 400 pounds ! Shanghai Girl
  7. Hi - I have attached a colour photo of a Kulangsu British Municipal Police cap badge from the Chinese Treaty Port of Amoy. Kulangsu was a small island just off of the Amoy Coast and the policing was looked after by the British prior to WW2. Does anyone have this badge, buttons or any other memorabilia to this small colonial police unit ? Shanghai Girl
  8. Does anyone have a picture of a Victorian era Penang Police cap badge ? Better still does anyone have such a badge that they can photograph for me ? Thanks in advance ! Shanghai Girl
  9. Mervyn, I have posted another badge below :- SMP Officers helmet plate in brass. By the way - have you ever seen a China 1900 medal to the 1st Chinese Regiment for sale in South Africa. In 1906 the majority of the 1st Chinese Regiment were sent to the Transvaal to become Police Officers and the majority settled down in South Africa. Regards Shanghai Girl
  10. Mervyn - i will post photos of my collection a few at a time. Your badge is an Inspectors cap badge and looks to be in very nice condition. They were manufactured in the UK and locally in Shanghai. UK ones usually have a hallmark and most of the local ones have a Chinese makers mark - usually HC - but some were unmarked. My SMP collection is relatively small. I have one helmet plate, four different cap badges, one collar badge, one shoulder title, numerous buttons, three different silver spoons, a pair of cufflinks, long service medals and a magnificent cigarette box presented to a retiree wi
  11. George, From the badge of your great uncle I would guess that he was in the French Concession Police as he is not wearing a badge from the main International Settlement run by the Shanghai Municipal Council. Was he originally a Cossack with one of the White Russian Regiments that settled in Shanghai ? Jolene (Shanghai Girl)
  12. Hi George I just joined this forum today. I have a collection of around 60+ Shanghai Municipal Police, Shanghai Municipal Fire Brigade and Shanghai Volunteer Corps cap and helmet badges from the International Settlement period. I do not have your badge but I do have two nice portrait photographs of Shanghai River Police officers wearing peaked caps with your badge on them. I can copy them to you if you would like (free). Both of the officers were Portuguese naionals. If you ever wish to sell your badge - please contact me as I will give you a very good price for it ! Regards Jolene
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