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  1. This isn't really a fair point to make. Many Brits did not want to leave or people were expecting their government to negotiate a smooth transition. Like me in the USA I do not always agree with who is in power and so you can't really "blame" me for other Americans voting against my (or our) best interest. There is nothing wrong with being annoyed that suddenly mail takes 5 times as long...
  2. I agree that Bulgarian awards and orders are very handsome and have an appeal. I would never say that any bravery award is not "prestigious" because they are. Not all bravery awards from different countries are valued as much and some are more popular to collect and others might be prettier or uglier. There are bravery awards that are extremely rarely given and there are ones that are handed out for less than real bravery but I believe they all matter and all have some interesting history and stories to them. But I love these...
  3. I would urge you to post clearer images and an image of the back screwed off
  4. I probably don't actually have anything useful to add to this thread but hell, I'll still add it. I love the EK because of it's elegant simplicity and I think it is one of the reasons it's image has kept a fascination even in modern society. I have 4 EK's but they are all of way simpler minds and less costly because as a business owner I can not rationalize spending to much on a "hobby" sadly. But to the point... the above is probably the most elegant fastening system I've ever seen on an EK. I did not know the maker or the sheer beauty of the "back" of this type of EK1. So thank you guys for showing that not only the front is stunning but that sometimes the back is even better.
  5. It is really sad but we know it will always happen when people can make more money breaking things apart instead of leaving them together.... Even pretty honorable sellers will sell medals from one person separately... or sell mini's separate from their big brothers. It sucks but all we can do is try to reunite things and tell the accurate story of its history.
  6. Does the person swearing it is original know what it is for?.... if not they clearly should not be swearing on anything.
  7. looks like a French silver hallmark on the suspension.
  8. Looking at the top hatches in combination with the whole tank image I would also say it is a T-26
  9. Without intending any insult or malice I would ask of you to put down the coffee and use some breaklines in your posts. like this... Here is the next line which makes it so much easier on our old eyes and it makes it easier to see a next question or subject. Keep posting but make it easier for everyone to read.
  10. I think it would be helpful to see the back. From the two holes I assume it is supposed to be sewed on something. It could easily be some sort of hunting badge as well but since oak leaves are so widely used it will be hard to narrow it down unless someone recognizes it. I've been searching for something similar and have yet to come up with something.
  11. You might look into how people deal with old fur coats... There are many people that collect or reuse old coats or family heirloom. I did a quick google search for "how to clean an old fur coat" and there seem to be many decent sites with suggestions.
  12. I'm pretty sure it is gilded bronze
  13. Agreed.... there will always be grumpy men and there will always be a few cheats. But most will be honorable and it feels somewhat shameful to "devalue" an award when so many gave it all. But I do understand a flip side when people receive a medal or order for subpar deeds or for simply doing a regular job or for something they simply enjoy (think of sports or music). But I have really enjoyed reading your view and how others respond to it... so again Thanks
  14. Thank you Chris. I would assume most would have been very proud to receive an EK and knowing how miserable WWI was I can only imagine that most who received it deserved it many times over.
  15. After reading all the various opinions above with huge interest I wonder how the recipients of the various Iron Crosses would have felt themselves.
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