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  1. I'm just curious about the huge amounts of items you ask identification for. Are you running a shop? The things you seem to have are of such a wide variety and yet you seem to have very limited knowledge or interest in specific areas. I'm curious if you are just asking for info so you can resell items at a better price.
  2. The first image was more an indicator of Fallières not necessarily taking his predecessors protocol of wearing the LD very seriously.... What is really interesting is the order in the second image as it is the same order that Laurentius asked about. I know the Militaire Willems-Orde was awarded to some statesmen but I was unaware that Wilhelm II was the last to receive it (btw it was 8 September 1889).
  3. Here he can be seen wearing another order that is not the Legion D'Honneur. Maybe he wasn't so precise in his choices of bling This photo is from that same visit in 1911.
  4. He would have had to wear the highest Dutch order he had received when visiting the Netherlands officially. When for instance the Dutch Royal family visits the UK they will be wearing a British order and not a Dutch. It looks more like a order of William
  5. Agreed... It is so good to see that it is still possible for people to get recognition for doing something for others and not for themselves.
  6. OvBacon


    It was used prior to 1880 and into at least 1925
  7. I do like the award... It looks nice and so as long as you didn't pay an arm and a leg I would think you did a nice purchase and have a handsome cross in your collection.
  8. I have a hard time distinguishing any camo from the dotted stains on the whole photo. So it might be that there isn't really any camo but that the photo is damaged or that any existing camo looks different because of it.
  9. As far as I can tell it really is an organization that bears some resemblance to trade unions. And so I assume this is an award to members of the union that have performed special service to the group. You can always look up "Les sociétés de secours mutuel" I was able to find the Belgian organization in the state papers of 1952 and it translates as an organization for mutual aid/support.
  10. It is French and there is a Belgian equivalent that does have a crown. from the document I would say it was handed out in 1964 but as shown the diploma does not belong to the cross. and from some really rapid googling I found multiple knights crosses for around 15-20 Euro
  11. I'm curious what makes you believe this is a U-Boat emblem. But as far as I know only U-483 had an emblem showing a white elephant on a red shield bus as there is no image of it it would be near impossible to determine if this is it and then if it is an originally worn device.
  12. Out of curiosity.... how would we be certain the star is genuine and not just a genuine breast star where someone added swords that were never there. If swords on top is not a "legal" version within this order my assumption would be added later to enhance value or to get credit for services not rendered or I could see that a jeweler/producer created the star that did not have the tools to make it and made it in a non confirmative fashion.
  13. What I find interesting about this photo is that there are 24 medals awarded to men and only 3 to women. This is an image a town-hall where the major is awarding medals during the annual "ribbon rain" where Dutch some citizens receive medals for public service etc...
  14. I have to agree with my fellow collectors above... the wings look great the way they are and show character and life. When a medal or badge is in mint condition it tends to lack a feel of history (of course there are many examples where new looking/mint condition is very valuable and beautiful).
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