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  1. Here for your perusal is WWI Remington UMC .45ACP US Army Model 1911 pistol serial number 3345 which was shipped in October 28 1918 serial number range 511-4657 per report "Serial Numbers of .45 Colt Automatic Pistols Manufactured Under Contract # P4537-3338Sa, Remington Arms-UMC to Major Lee O. Wright, Ord. Dept. USA, July 26, 1923. Remington UMC received two contracts to produce 500,000 Model 1911s during WWI but the contract was cancelled after the Armistice was signed on 11 November 1918 and Remington-UMC delivered 21,677 through May 1919
  2. I just found his obituary which notes that he served in the German Cavalry. was captured in Romania, was a POW in Russia and returned to Germany after the war ended.
  3. Translation of service record: Andreas Gerber, identification tag EM-File recorded -17-1./SS-K.R. 18 Born on 19.6.20 in Apatin/Hungary Name and address of the person to be notified: Father: Andreas Gerber Apatin - Hungary, Kossuth Lajosstr. 394 Unit: 1. SS - K.R. 18 Rank: Rottenführer* Nationality: Hungary Ethnicity: yes pers.85: 147 Front Avenue, Brentwood N. Y. 11717 USA 17.2.48 On 13.9.44 near Sceulia missing in action Vermißt Meldung der Truppe = Missing Report from the unit, Nr. 26357. 12.6.48 Same Report from Lt.U.V.K 16/9-Vorr.II Std. W. S 297/12 13.11.85 VI/2 VII:Dsb leung
  4. After further research it turns out that my uncle was a member of the SS Cavalry Regiment 18 of the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer which was a Waffen-SS cavalry Division during World War II. Per Wikipedia It was formed in 1942 from a cadre of the SS Cavalry Brigade which was involved in anti partisan operations behind the front line and was responsible for the extermination of tens of thousands of the civilian population. About 40% of the division were Danube Swabian from Siebenbürgen (Transylvania) and Banat (Serbia). The Training and Replacement Battalion of the 8th SS Cavalry Divisi
  5. After my Uncle Andrew was reported missing on 13 September 1944 he was captured by the Soviets and spent several years as a German POW working in Stalin's GULAG in a Siberian salt mine. My grandparents when they lived in New York sponsored his immigration to the USA in 1949. He spent the rest of his life working as a mason and passed on at the ripe old age of 81 in Lafayette Indiana in 2007. I met him on numerous occasions and remember when I was a student at the Army Language School in Monterey CA 1970-71 he spoke fluent Russian (I guess he learned to survive in Siberia). Here's a photo he se
  6. I'm looking for help in interpreting this service card of my uncle Andreas Gerber who was an Ethnic German from Apatin Hungary and I think served as a Rottenfuehrer (Squad Leader) in the 18th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Regiment Horst Wessel and is listed as having gone missing on 13 September 1944 near some location I can't yet decipher. The 18th SS Division consisted primarily of Ethnic Germans from Hungary. Attached Images
  7. Here for your viewing pleasure is my Webley-Scott .455 1913 MK1 Navy automatic pistol serial number 3800. This pistol (serial number 3800) was 1 of 1919 (serial numbers 3691-5609) delivered to the Royal Navy in December 1914. It served through most of WWI. Close-up photos show the (19)14 acceptance date above the Crown/GR on the frame and breech-block, the serial number, the broad arrow property mark on the grip and a 7-pack of .455 ammo dated January 30, 1919 and individual round to show 1918 headstamp.
  8. Hi Chris, thanks for your coments. 1st LT Wilkins probably obtained this pistol as a private purchase in the UK or France. Such pistols sold commerically by the London Armoury Agency were private purchases by British or to other officers who initially had to purchase their own firearms. Since there are no British military proof, view or property marks on this pistol it was not an official British military issue pistol. Since officers did supply their own weapons this may have been a private purchase. The US did not have enough ships to transport forces to France, and this lack was a major obs
  9. Here for your viewing pleasure are photos of my WWI British-proofed .45ACP Colt Government Model pistol C 13731 which was 1 of 300 shipped to the London Armoury Company on November 18 1914. The London Commercial proof and view marks (Crown/V and Crown/intertwined GP) are visible on top of barrel and on left side of slide above Rampant Colt and left side of frame below thumb safety. The accompanying US Model 1912 holster is marked 1st LT G C Wilkins. The owner of this pistol was 1st Lt George Carl Wilkins, a 1918 Harvard Graduate. He entered Officers' Training Camp at Plattsburg NY in May 1917;
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