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  1. One small point.. Low numbers are not always a good indicator of 'Floch' fakes. Examples by W&L, stamped 100, also have this characteristic.
  2. A later example of work by the 'Deumer' Company. Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge, made in high quality Zinc.
  3. Whilst on the subject of the 'Deumer' company.. This 1st pattern Pilots (not quite so mint) belonged to an 'Honour Goblet' winner of a bomber group which was involved in the Battle of Britain..
  4. Well, the search for this particular badge has finally come to an end. One of the rarer types, this pilots badge by W.Deumer is normally found made with parts supplied by 'C.E Juncker'. Examples made with all 'Deumer' parts are very scarce and I was extreamly pleased to have, after 3 years of hunting, located this one... Direct from the family, it comes with its original, early case. The badge, as you will see, is in mint condition. So endith the hunt, on to the next one...That's what I love about this hobby.
  5. Here's another example.. "ABSCHNITT OFFENBURG LIMES 1938" COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL. Issued by the firm of Gr?n u. Bilfinger A.-G., Hauptunternehmer (Major Contractor).
  6. Hopefully Darrell will have a little more knowledge than me.. I do know that they come in 1st & 2nd patterns, that there are various makers, Lauer, Redo, B&NL to name a few.. Mine are a mixture of both 1st & 2nd pat's, I suppose I should really get hold of one of each pattern to make the set complete..
  7. A small change of direction.. Made by 'C.E Juncker'.. The civil pilots badge. A very rare item as there were very few civil pilots operating before the war and with the formation of the Luftwaffe most of them were called up as instructors and then as Luftwaffe pilots..
  8. Hi Nick, I use a Nikon 8700 (very good macro) and most important of all, a good sturdy tripod. Even with the tripod, I tend to use the timer. Never use direct light, in any form. Practice & pray..
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